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Eye on the prize

Posted by AllieB on September 16, 2010

Jennifer Anniston is in Atlanta at this very minute filming her new movie, Wanderlust, with co-starr Paul Rudd.

First of all, I think the movie sounds very intriguing. An excerpt from onlocationvacations says:

In the movie, Jen and Paul play an urban couple who  stop at a rural B&B which turns out to be a commune filled with nudists, pot smoking and orgies. The script has created some buzz of its own because, reportedly, Aniston’s character has sex with a woman in the movie.

Maybe this will break her Rom-Com curse…?

Secondly, and much more importantly, this means she and Paul Rudd are trolling the streets of Buckhead, with sightings reported at Chops, St Regis, Whole Foods…I’ve been to Whole Foods no fewer than four times this week for various reasons, and I’ve seen nada.

I wonder what I’d do if I saw them. Probably something really awkward…I once spent a very brief segment of an evening with Owen Wilson and his entourage (thanks to JTomm), and, as we were all being introduced, I felt the inexplicable need to reach across the table and help myself to a handful of his nachos. He didn’t speak to me after that.

Jennifer and Paul are my chance to redeem myself – I must find them! Anyone want to get an AWD at the St. Regis?

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