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One-upper extraordinaire

Posted by AllieB on September 15, 2010

Everyone has a friend like Penelope. No matter what happens, this one-upping scene-stealer always trumps your line, and I often get the feeling that their story isn’t quite on-level…

Watch below as Penelope actually uses a Shamwow! to quantify just how much she cried during a wedding ceremony.


Or, another example might be:

Allie: I got hit by a bus today

One-Upper: Today I was dragged six miles by an 18-wheeler, yet look how amazing my hair looks…and that doesn’t even compare to the time when the airplane took off before I was safely in my seat, and I flew alongside the plane all the way to Dubai…

See? It’s incredibly irritating.

Allie: I had the best day – I got a raise!

One-Upper: I got a raise AND a promotion!! And a brand new car plus an iPad, and it turns out I’m next in line to be the princess of a small and obscure yet extremely wealthy Eastern European country!!

It’s possible these stories are embellished for the purpose of underscoring my point.

2 Responses to “One-upper extraordinaire”

  1. Pal said

    I have two friends like Penelope. So.. more than you.

  2. […] I love people who insist upon one-upping others – they are so easy to make fun of later. I even did a post about Penelope. RIP, […]

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