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Make Someone Uncomfortable Day

Posted by AllieB on November 18, 2010

Fortunately, this is real. Tomorrow, November 19, is the 3rd Annual Make Someone Uncomfortable Day. I’m writing about it today so we all have time to prepare for what awkwardness we might inflict upon our nearest and dearest. There are many people I know whose sheer existence on the planet makes me uncomfortable, so they’re all set – for those of us with slightly more adroit social skillz, here are some ideas from the Facebook page devoted to this noteworthy occasion…(source:, credit: Leila)

It seems that people are posting how they plan to celebrate MSUD on this FB page. The first one I saw distresses me greatly.

I’m going to breastfeed in public:-)

Unless it is Apocalypse Day, that is unacceptable.  Pardon my tirade, but BREAST FEEDING IN PUBLIC IS NOT, NOR WILL IT EVER BE, OKAY. I do not understand why people do not understand this. Sorry – next:

this is funny because tomorrow is also diversity day at our school

Ok, that made me feel uncomfortable….

when you go grocery shopping, instead of shopping from the shelves, start shopping from other peoples shopping carts while they are looking on the shelves. make sure you are in a busy aisle with people looking…

That’s actually kind of funny, and it also goes along nicely with my Grocery Store Shame.

If I had an extra $5k to drop, I would buy this large structured fur headdress because it obviously makes people uncomfortable – both wearer and viewer, apparently. I seriously have not stopped laughing since Bailey sent it to me earlier. What the WHAT is that thing!?


ATTN: Mary Cath – given your low threshold for awkwardness, perhaps you should consider staying home. Pal – you could probably be the face of Make Someone Uncomfortable Day – I’ll see if I can nominate you or something. Buff – if you’re looking for an idea as to how you might make people feel awkward, consider doing a split in public; it worked like a charm last Saturday. Leila – it is fitting on many, many levels that you are the one who informed us of MSUD. Thank you for being you.

BOLO for bumbling, bungling encounters…!

6 Responses to “Make Someone Uncomfortable Day”

  1. A said

    This post made me uncomfortable, yet laugh, hysterically – out loud. Just LOLing all the way out the door (awk).

  2. Pal said

    sticks & stones, Baxter… You know who else makes people feel uncomfortable? Liz Lemon.

  3. MC said

    If I didn’t have such a low threshold for awkwardness, I would definitely try and make the folks I’m interviewing today feel uncomfortable.

    The diversity day comment made me ROFL. (Saying that made me feel awkward)

  4. sweet dee said

    does this mean that rosacea is socially acceptable today??? b/c my neck, face, and ears are burning just imaging these scenarios. In particular, the awkwardly long hand shake.

  5. Awk 24/7 said

    Is it a coincidence that today is also World Toilet Day? It’s even trending on Twitter.

  6. Geoff said

    While someone talks to you,squint at them very intensely. If they ask what’s wrong, just nod, smile and say “I knew it, you were born in the month of the rooster…”

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