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Kindly cool it with the canoodling

Posted by AllieB on December 13, 2010

JustJared reports that, last Thursday,  Boobs Legsly and Ryan Gosling were seen canoodling at the Standard Hotel in NYC after his premiere of his new film, Blue Valentine (per Fleming’s somewhat adamant request, I finally watched the trailer – I encourage you all to do so…this looks like a good flick). Not only did she sneakily enter the screening of the film through a back entrance to keep a “low profile” (you’re not that famous, Boobs), but they also ate dinner at the Standard Grill after the party where they enjoyed a nice meal of…oysters.

I am very irritated with this development. Here is why:

  1. age difference (she’s 23, he’s 30)
  2. in The Notebook he loves a girl named Allie…that is my name
  3. I really like him; I cannot stand her

This is even more bothersome than the Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhall coupling, largely because Taylor Swift is so meh, IMO, although I do enjoy her music, and Boobs is just sooo annoying. What is WRONG WITH YOUR MOUTH.

Oh, whatever.

If you’re still in need of Christmas gifts and are looking to air on the side of obscure – here are some great ideas. I’m a little obsessed with these NYC vs. Paris prints – there’s a whole series of them. And surely there is someone on your list for whom a silver retainer necklace would be perfect.

5 Responses to “Kindly cool it with the canoodling”

  1. MC said

    See, I always felt a little weird about him after seeing previews for this movie:

    It did seem to get good reviews though, so maybe I’ll give it and him another chance.

  2. AllieB said

    I literally laughed out loud when I clicked on the link and saw the title – didn’t even have to watch the trailer…that really was peculiar. Blue Val looks pretty sensational though…and did I mention it’s rated NC-17?! Egads.

  3. MC said

    NC 17? Cool down over there Baxter.

  4. Braces Headband said

    It gets more peculiar, as the Real Girl in question is– surprise!– a doll! And he is in love with her. Like I think he brings her home for the holidays or similar (I didn’t actually SEE it of course). That said, she does seem like a good candidate for said retainer necklace, just to make things a little more normal.

  5. Lars Hater said

    I tried to watch that movie and it was the most unbelievably awk thing I’ve ever seen….probably ever. Don’t do it. I think his relationship with Taylor is a sham, I think he enjoys the company of men. He’s too gorg to be straight, and don’t get me started on his perfectly shaped brows.

    Beat it, Boobs.

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