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A BBT Exclusive: Survey of the Sexes

Posted by AllieB on January 27, 2011

Inspired by literary masterpieces such as Cosmopolitan and Maxim, I decided to do a short survey asking guys and girls what they like about each other in a very physical, on-the-surface sense. I’ve done the leg-work, I did the research, and now I have the answers…ish.

Without further ado…

  • Of the 19 males who participated, 68% are in a serious relationship, 32% are not
  • Of the 35 females, 66% are in a serious relationship, 34% are not
  • Ok, now for the good stuff

Q & A with the dudes:

Personally, I’m very pleased with the outcome of ass vs boob…to the second, I’m a bit surprised with Athletic Gear. I’d have thought that Corporate Attire would’ve been second, or perhaps Costume…shows what I know!

Lastly, here are some excerpts from the open ended statement, “I love it when my significant other/crush….”

– looks and acts particularly hot

– makes me laugh

– laughs

– answers the phone

– does something spontaneous

– Cooks gourmet meals

– Laughs

– strips

– Does pretty much anything totally unexpected.

– gets drunk and dances

– makes breakfast for me, cleans my house, does my laundry, is extremely rich, dresses up like richard simmons in bed

– doesn’t wear cardigans

If your answer is missing, that’s because it was outrageously inappropriate and I thank you very little for sharing such crassness with me. As for the ones I could include, my favorite is “doesn’t wear cardigans” because that is so random, and regarding “answers the phone” – it concerns me that this is what you love most about your significant other or crush…it doesn’t sound like things are going so well…

Q & A with the ladies:

I just realized I forgot to take my own survey. Dunce. Anyway – so, now you know: we don’t care much about your wardrobe, bank account, or abdominal region, but, unlike you, we don’t so much prefer the workout look. That’s likely because if a boy is in athletic gear, it means he probably smells like feet. Also, girls look better in spandex than guys do.

I gave girls the chance to answer the open-ended statement, “My favorite thing about my significant other/crush….” I was going to do excerpts, but they’re either redundant or ALSO much too inappropriate to share on BBT (turns out I have some pervy friends), so instead I will paraphrase what 35 females said is their favorite thing about their boo/wannabe boo and include a few noteworthy quotes:

  • he makes me laugh
  • he is considerate of me and values our relationship
  • he loves me in spite of how crazy I am
  • he is hot
  • he works really hard
  • I can embarrass myself in front of him
  • when he cooks for me
  • “his newfound love for reading”
  • “his bed-head”
  • “when he wears his glasses”

The End. I think my favorite part of this thing was reading the write-in responses, except the ones that were gross. People are weird, and some of you need to wash your mouths out with soap. I suppose that, overall, the results aren’t earth-shattering, but this wasn’t exactly the Spanish Inquisition…

Is it 5 yet? AWD’s…who’s with me??

16 Responses to “A BBT Exclusive: Survey of the Sexes”

  1. HB said

    This may be my favorite post yet! You should do more surveys! I laughed out loud several times at my desk which is a rare/positive thing.

  2. Y said

    Totally agree with Hilary Smell. I love a good survey! Are you sure a male didn’t say my girlfriend wears too many chinos? Keep up the good work AllieB!

  3. A said

    Top three items I appreciate about this post, other than hilarity:
    1. A** > boobs
    2. Looks and acts particularly hot – everyone should note this, and just do it
    3. The crazy girl whose significant other still loves her…that’s key

  4. HB said

    um. chinos are amazing/underrated/making a comeback in 2011.

  5. S said

    My fave: ‘doesn’t wear cardigans’

    Whooizzthisman?? – carrie bradshaw

  6. S said

    Also, Bill thought I put ‘his newfound love for reading’ bc he’s read 9 pages of a book this week. Extra, extra: 9 pages in 5 days does not = newfound love for reading.

  7. Lazy said

    lets take surveys and hear results 1x a week-errr 1x a month? this made my day a tad brighter before leaving l’office. nice work!

  8. AllieB said

    I hope some of the menfolk are going to come forward and claim their responses…the cardigan one is killing me!

    this was fun, wasn’t it

  9. Ted Underhill said

    May I add that we hate dresses that look like decorative trash bags?

    As designer jeans/sweater/blazer seem to the uniform du jour, let’s wait and see how many fellows surface this weekend in khakis that haven’t seen the light of day in over a month. I know mine are being pressed as we speak.

  10. Parker said

    Hmmmm… what am I going to wear tomorrow?…. will it be my corporate attire, my athletic attire, my designer jeans with crewneck sweater / blazer, or my khakis and polo?

    • AllieB said

      Parker, had I thought to add “is a Rock Star” to the choices, I guarantee you it would’ve been the top pick…that said, should you decide to don some athletic attire, please send me a photo

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