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21 Questions

Posted by AllieB on March 29, 2011

I often filch my material from other people. Today’s post is no exception.

NYMag has a section called 21 Questions where they ask various people…21 questions. I’m changing the Q’s to match ATL and taking the questionnaire myself – here’s an example of a real one with Sarah Hyland (Hayley from Modern Family). This is me being honest.

Name: Allie

Age: 19 years older than an 8 year old

Neighborhood: Buckhead

Occupation: Nonprofit Development with a side of online media consulting and a focus on blogging. I’ve got all kinds of balls in the air

Who’s your favorite Atlantan, living or dead, real or fictional? Ludacris or Margaret Mitchell

What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in Atlanta? This is a very difficult question. Floataway Cafe by Emory is definitely amongst the best meals I’ve ever had, but so is the Mr C’s Philly Cheesesteak. I’m an equal opportunity indulger.

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your job? I juggle the aforementioned balls.

What’s the last thing you saw at The Georgia Dome? No one ever takes me to Falcons games…the last thing I saw at The Georgia Dome was the Monster Truck Rally. We wore fake teeth, cut off denim, some of us wore Aerosmith message tees (moi), brought in our own funnel and sat in Warrick Dunne’s box. It was one of my most fun times.

What’s your favorite medication? Airborne

What’s hanging above your sofa? Pictures of my trip to Greece with Nancy.

Who is your mortal enemy? Hilary. And birds – I hate birds.

When’s the last time you drove a car? I drove this morning to work – it takes 2.5 minutes

How has the Recession affected you? Back in 2009 my job gave me a raise and then took it away two paychecks later. That sucked.

What makes someone an Atlantan? Innate knowledge of back roads…the ability to get out of town, heading South, without getting on the Connector…running the Peachtree Road Race at least once…attending Braves games at The Atlanta Fulton County Stadium…riding The Pink Pig at Macy’s Downtown…spending an evening in the OK Cafe parking lot.

THE END. I deleted like half of the Q’s – that was the most godforsaken boring survey I’ve ever taken, and I have taken a LOT surveys. Besides, now all I can think about is how much I want to go back to Greece…

Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Seriously, wtf is this weather – it’s almost April. If I wanted it to be cold and dreary at the end of March I’d move to BUFFALO FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. The Super Paradise is looking more appealing than ever right now…Yacht Week in Greece, anyone? Bueller? Tyler Perry?

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  1. HB said

    I’ve got a bird for you…

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