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Fat (Phat?) Tuesday

Posted by AllieB on March 8, 2011

Just to be authentic, I goog’ed, “mardi gras catch phrase” and the first result, in all of Google, was “Throw me something, Mister!” That wasn’t…quite what I was looking for…

At any rate, today is Fat Tuesday, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, thus today is the day when we celebrate the last of our guilty pleasures before giving them up for 40 days. Calm yourselves (froooooooost yourselves) – I have made a decision as to what I am giving up, but first….we talk about cheeseburgers.

Bocado…come on down!!! Pallison was in town, and a bunch of us went to dinner at Bocado. Bocado’s burger is just as awesome as I heard it was, and I’m having a hard time designating which I like better: theirs or HF’s. Foodies around town, though totally “over” this burger craze, seem to give the final edge to Bocado. For that reason, and because of my underdog syndrome, I’m inclined to choose HF:  they were first and you have to work a little to try it. You can’t just saunter in at lunch time on a Tuesday and get it, nor can you go for dinner at 8 on a Saturday and order one; you have to make effort to enjoy their double stack of goodness (after 10 M – Sat, brunch on Sundays), and – in accordance with my underdog complex – I always like a challenge. Plus, when I go with A&K (and I only go w A&K), I feel like a celebrity. Winner: Holeman & Finch.

from left: bite outta Bocado – Pal/Me/Pants – JTomm and her nighttime mimosa

For Lent this year, I am giving up Hoegaardens AND stuffed pasta. I know, the mind reels. I feel kind of silly – I realize that the average person reading this, who may not have intimate knowledge of my day to day habits, might scoff at my choices, saying how could anyone consume enough of those things to make giving them up an actual sacrifice. Hi, my name is Allie, and I have a serious problem when it comes pasta of the stuffed variety. And I’m tossing in Hoegaardens because they’re stupidly expensive and have like 1,999 calories. So, there you have it: no mas.

To continue my week of gluttony, tonight I will be enjoying the wonder that is Antica Pizza. I’m leaning towards the Pomodorini…with a side of Two Buck Chuck, obvs.

Birthday week: YKenna, AnsGhegan, BGeorge, ECowan…Mardi Gras tranny wishes you a great one!


10 Responses to “Fat (Phat?) Tuesday”

  1. AllieB said

    A & Nadine: I almost told the story about my first burger experience at HF (you recall, May 08…) but decided I throw myself under the bus enough on this thing to share that. Memorieeees…!

  2. HB said

    Hoegaardens and stuffed pasta?! Not possible. This isn’t Allie. I call hacker.

  3. Time for Lent? said

    It’s Shrove Tuesday, so that means pancakes for me: apple cottage cheese pancakes! Yum! Wish I had company.

  4. Char said

    I am going completely out of my mind trying to figure out who “Time For Lent?” might be!…..

    • AllieB said

      it’s Mom!!! :)

      • Char said

        I knew it!!! The reference to cottage cheese apple pancakes, Lent, and of course “Shrove Tuesday” obviously had me heading in that direction, but I was thrown for a loop because how could she claim to be without company when MISSY is there???

  5. Pal said

    No stuffed pasta for you?! Phat chance.

    • AllieB said

      It is with your support, and Billy’s, that I will be able to accomplish this goal. You guys are the best!

  6. sweet dee said

    the real question here is which will you have first? hoegardens vs. stuffed pasta….it’s gonna be barn burner.

  7. bc said

    jpal’s nighttime mimosa i wore out of bocado…

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