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Camel, I think your back is broken

Posted by AllieB on March 9, 2011

This is the last straw. Blackberry’s are not very cool – the key pad is annoying, the flash on the camera is legitimately blinding, and, most of all, it is more functional than it is fun and awesome. What do I need function for when Google has created this ingenious new app for iPhones and Android. I LOVE GOOGLE. Sorry I’m not sorry BBM buddies, this train is sailing as soon as I can afford the flat price of a Verizon iPhone without any contract signing bonuses or upgrade discounts – this means to say…anytime within the next 1 – 8 months.

Meet & Greet: Google Goggles –

Do you see?? This is fantastic! Translate those pesky Lebanese menus, search by sight, log your wines, recognize art without having to ask/check the artist…this is like the ultimate app. Obviously I don’t know anything about anything when it comes to iPhones, and I’m sure there are already apps like this – but Google Goggles still thrills me. It’s just good thinking, is what it is. Click here to enjoy your own interactive perusal. (Credit: PAL)

Plus, then I can start submitting hilarious typos to that damnyouautocorrect website.

4 Responses to “Camel, I think your back is broken”

  1. HB said

    Yes. This is a great idea. Because what you really need to do is spend more time on your phone…

  2. J. Chin said

    Yes, I did just make that reference. This post is just NOT ok. Don’t you even think about it.

    • AllieB said

      JENNIFER RENEE you are NOT FUNNY. I seriously almost had a panic attack. I was going to have to change my blog name, my blog link, possibly go into witness protection…OMG :|

  3. BB Forever said

    I think it would be a grave mistake to give up on blackberry.

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