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Who all seen da Leprechaun say Yeah!

Posted by AllieB on March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m a big fan of the Irish. They’re just so much fun and often very funny and I could seriously listen to them talk all day – I freakin love their accents. After the woman died on my plane on the floor next to me whilst en route to Paris last summer, we had to swing by the Shannon Airport to have her.. removed…and the Irish EMT’s were totally adorable and even managed to make light of a decidedly not breezy situation. To show my appreciation, I’ll be sure to celebrate St. Patty’s Day with extra enthusiasm this year.

Down in Savannah, where Hilary is what Godzilla was to Tokyo lives, St. Patrick’s Day is a legitimate holiday, and I’m very jealous of her day outdoors in a town with no open container laws – smart people, these Savannians. Maybe I’ll sneak a green beer into my office…could put it right in a Diet Coke can…

Happy Birthday to you, Flembot!! Love, The Creepy Old Man Dressed Like a Leprechaun


Frau Farbissina: It’s a television commercial. With this cartoon leprechaun, and all of these children are trying to chase him, “Hey, leprechaun, leprechaun man, we want to get your lucky charms.” Oh! And there are these little tiny pieces of mashmallow just stuck right in the cereal. So when the kids eat them they think, “Oooh this is candy, I’m having fun!”

-a timely funny from Austin Powers

Señora Matheson, can we have class outside today?

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  1. Tina said

    Shall we go to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate St. Patty’s day? I think that’s what we did last year. Cheers!

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