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In honor of Meat Cleve

Posted by AllieB on April 7, 2011


Allison is like my very own Liz Lemon, and for that I am grateful. She is also one of my most favorite humans because she is always thinking what I am thinking and because she makes me laugh a lot. I wish her nothing but sunshine and daffodils and PUPPIES on this extra special day. I have a hunch that a photog collage is decidedly not what Allison wants for her birthday, so instead I’m giving her….

…yep, a Mash – a big ole suffocating MASH. Also, I hope she doesn’t mind that I referred to her as “Meat Cleve” in the title. It was that or Mistake by the Lake. I suppose neither would’ve been preferable, but, unfortunately, that was a non option.

And a very Happy Birthday to Mr. Handsome, as well…

5 Responses to “In honor of Meat Cleve”

  1. Y said


  2. Pal said

  3. Meat Cleve and Mr. Handsome said

    Happy Bday to 2 of our very favorite humans!

    Meat Cleve Pal Cleveland! Woooooo!!

    ho. ho. hoooooooo Mr. Handsome!!!!

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