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Double Deuce

Posted by AllieB on June 14, 2011

The Baxter Fam is certainly getting some prime real estate on BBT this week…

JBax a.k.a Baxter Bark Thrice is 22 years old today!! She is one of the coolest people I know whilst simultaneously being among the most mature and competent. She’s got her shiz together – one day, I hope to be just like her. Jordan is known for photographing poorly from the ages 8 – 12, as well as being the University of Richmond’s 2010 Homecoming Queen. I used to be really, really mean to her, but now we’re besties. She loves baby seals and pandas, and King Julian from the Madagascar movies is her (and my) favorite. She is an excellent baker of delicious treats, and I want most of her wardrobe, which is why I actually have most of her wardrobe at my home (I will return…sorry about that). Happy birthday to my favorite sister!!!*

I really love this picture; Jordan and me on her 7th bday…so sisterly. To be honest, this sweetness is not how we’re typically photographed…

This is more like it.


*Per my promise….today you are my favorite – you each get a day

7 Responses to “Double Deuce”

  1. Tina said

    Happy Birthday, Jordan!


  2. Lucy said

    Already boozing it up, I see, Allie.

  3. Stanton said

    Jo this indeed is past tense “I used to be really, really mean to her” now that I’m around. I totally have practice dealing with middle sister issues manifesting themselves on poor sweet youngest sisters. BBT you’ve been warned.

    • Jbax said

      Thank you very much Stanton. I knew having a big brother would come in handy… AllieB, Stanton is on the case! Watch out.

  4. mmm...cake said

    Happy bday, Jo! Baxter Bday Bonanza.

  5. CKB said

    Two words: Retarded Bunnyrabbit
    Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Seeeester!

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