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Posted by AllieB on June 13, 2011

Charlotte and Stanton are ENGAGED!! My big sister is getting MARRIED! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! He surprised her with a weekend getaway to Miami where he popped the Q on Friday night, and the ring…it’s a great ring. Char, do you want BBT to take care of your save-the dates? I kid; I told you: NOTHING viral.

I realize this is not from this weekend, but it's one of my favorites :)

So, that happened. I can’t wait to plan!! I will be a great help with: your dress, my dress, music, the menu (I like things wrapped in bacon), and perhaps slightly less so with the guest list. I learned a lot from William and Kate’s nuptials back in April and am thusly an invaluable wedding resource – I’m full of relevant insight.

It’s about time we had a Baxter Family Wedding; I think we can all be glad Jordan isn’t the first one heading down the aisle…also, Stanton, when Madison and I were setting up your Gmail filters I did notice that you had an ENGAGEMENT folder – I obviously didn’t open it, but I definitely saw it…Madison even offered to be the lookout (he’s the brawn, not so much with the brains), but I resisted: if nothing else, I have my integrity. Madison’s, I’m afraid, is questionable.

Tina, when yousent me your video Friday morning it had received 12 views; it now has over 80. I walked into 5p on Friday for some AWD’s, and people were sitting in a booth watching it on an iPhone – it’s legit stuff. You’re well on your way to becoming an internet sensation akin to Bill Go Big Time or similar. Actually, BGBT has over 20,000 views, so I guess you’ve kind of got a ways to go…baby steps. I’m glad I know these people; watch their vids and get your week started off on the right foot.

Friendly reminder: Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 19th! June 19th is actually a pretty big deal here on BBT….

BBT & BBT’s dad enjoying casual brews in Alençon, France – Summer 2k10.

Have you experimented with Picasa’s photo editing platform, Picnik?? BOLO for a BBT makeover…!

12 Responses to “ENGAGEMENT”

  1. HB said


    ps – hmmmm… is someone rapidly approaching another birthday? i think so!

  2. Lucy said

    Allie, I will be your wedding assistant!

  3. Nancy said

    CONGRATS TO Char & Stanton. Very exciting!

  4. Pal said

    Congrats Char & Stanton!!! I vote Allie gets ordained and officiates. Triathlon wedding theme? (Feel free to ignore these suggestions.)


  5. Stanton said


    Ground rules for the next time we take a family vacation to Europe

    1) It really will be a family vacation (not the family and Charlotte’s boyfriend)

    2) I’ll get to be in the family photo
    See –
    I wonder who took that great shot???

    3) If I’m not in the photo I better get a photography credit

    BTW I was testing you with my Gmail. I just can’t believe that Madison turned on me. He does seem to have a soft spot for the Baxter women….

  6. Catie said

    Congrats to your big sis!!! You will be the best maid ever!
    PS- i just watched marti’s video from Fri and i am literally CRYING at my desk. Tina, you are freaking HILARIOUS. that is awesome ! kirk better stay on your good side or else..


    Happy engagement Charlotte and Stanton!!!!!!

    Happy early bday, AllieB! Happy early Father’s Day, Geoffry!

    Those moostaches made me happy.

  8. Mom said

    Yes, it will be wonderful to have another man in our family photos! Color coordination is often important, though. Allie, glad you’re going to be the go to on so many aspects of the planning. I, myself, have already gone to the library website to reserve some helpful resources.

  9. Tina said

    Congrats Charlotte! That’s so exciting!


  10. Bride-To-Be said

    Thanks everyone! We are sooooo excited! And thanks BBT for your generous offers of assistance in so many arenas! I can picture it now: the bridal party in 5-inch neutral toned heels, the food focusing on the three major food groups: brie, naan, and key lime pie, and Allie in a white dress and tiara more than vaguely reminiscent of a certain Duchess…..

  11. sweet dee said

    so are you saying you’d like things wrapped in bacon for your birthday this Sunday?!?!

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