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I don’t wanna

Posted by AllieB on August 2, 2011

I am not feeling the blogosphere this week – not at all, whatsoever.

Yesterday was National Girlfriend’s Day. I started to write something about that, but it got real lame real fast, so I quit. Luckily, it never got this lame….all of these things are cringe-inducing, even the part about the Titanic because that was 100 years ago and it’s time to let it go. Besides, I think we can all agree that Rose, there was definitely room on that board for Jack. MOVE THE F OVER.

Blake and Leo were photographed bike riding together in NYC. Dweebs.

I don’t know what my deal is…things have been going so well. Maybe it’s that August is such a blah month. I think the French have nailed it – they take the whole month off. When we were there last summer we found nary a single patisserie that was open. Well, BBT is no patisserie (newsflash!), but I’m thinking I might follow suit. Souper Jenny did…why can’t BBT?? Potato/potatto (potato/vodka).

Maybe I just need some green tea lemonade from Starbucks.

Oh, this helps: Ron Swanson paraphenalia. I can’t spell that word. Paraphenelia.¬†Paraphernalia. There we are. Huh – I did not see that second “r” coming.

I realize this is a lot like my random links Fridays, and I honestly don’t give a crap. It’s used, but you’ll take it.

2 Responses to “I don’t wanna”

  1. Catchin flies said

    Boobs’ piehole is gaping open. SHOCKING

  2. pot hole said

    honestly, it’s not realistic to ride a bike in nyc traffic. unless you’re a courier. everybody knows that.

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