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It’s like a survey, almost, except not

Posted by AllieB on December 13, 2011

Imitation, they say, is the highest form of flattery…so today I bring you a poll pertaining to BBT. I am actually interested to know the answers to the questions, so as to better please my faithful readers, so I’d really appreciate you taking the 3 seconds to answer the Q’s. You don’t even have to leave the page to do it, just click on your answers and voilà! You’re done. (Credit: Blayne @ This Photographer’s Life)

THANK YOU!!! Really, by helping me and you're also helping you - I strive to improve BBT with each and every post; your answers will help me do just that.

And now, for today’s montage: an homage to my besties:

Happy engagement to Kirk & Tina!

Happy Birthday, JTOMM!!! (This pic is from a St. Patty’s Day of yore and has nothing to do with your birthday, but I always just really liked it…)

And here, as promised, is your teacup kitten :) SOCKS WOMAN!

4 Responses to “It’s like a survey, almost, except not”

  1. socks said

    AHHHH!!! Socks!!! So much – that made my day!

  2. Blayne said

    great poll… looks like you either have a lot of girl readers or liars? jk.

  3. Claw said

    Over Kennedy’s left arm

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