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What are some good comebacks if your last name is Weiner?

Posted by AllieB on July 28, 2011

Sometimes I think I don’t like someone, but then I see them in comparison to someone who I really don’t like, and suddenly they don’t seem that bad. Case in point: who wore it better betwixt ole Boobs Legsly and Taylor what’s that? I just fell asleep Swift.

Source: People

My favorite part is the description:

The actress (Boobs) dressed up her Tibi frock with leopard-print pumps in June, while a month later, the singer (Zzzzz) added a metallic belt and bow-bedecked wedges.

If I had a nickel for every pair of bow-bedecked wedges I had…I would have zero nickels. Whereas if I had $100 for every pair of leopard-print pumps, I’d have $100. I’d much rather the latter than the former. Maybe I’m coming around on BL…

There’s really no way to say this that will sound normal, so I’m just going to put it out there: last night I dreamed that one of my very good guy friends gave birth to a chicken. Nurses Baxter and Edge were on hand to assist, and he gave birth to a healthy 3lb chick. I can see the whole thing vividly in my mind, and I’m still very unsettled with the whole affair. And I’m never going to tell who it was, so don’t bother asking – as if you’d even want to know. I wish I could un-know it.

Overshare? I’m running low on material/am so sore I can barely lift my arms to reach my keyboard. Moving is the HATE.

Henceforth, whenever I cannot think of a relevant entry heading, I’m just going to look at the search terms that landed people on BBT and use that as a title instead. Starting with today…so if you were hoping to find some answers to the Q, you’re S.O.L. Actually, that reminds me of a funny joke I saw on the interweb this week – on a message board someone posted:

Q: What is a good comeback to someone who tells you to go make them a sandwich?

A: Well, you better come back with a G.D. sandwich.


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