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I’d rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a can

Posted by AllieB on July 12, 2011

Actually, I’m not entirely sure I would – crack is very addicting, you know, one hit and you could be a goner…but that’s what Gwyneth said at some function last week. I think Gwynnie is trying a little to hard to be kewl – another snippet from the same event:

“I drink constantly while I’m cooking,” she says. “Wine, either colour.”

Now that is radical.

So, the whole Casey Anthony thing is over and done with (until her tell-all novel/reality show/perfume comes out – eau de Car Trunk…? (that may have been inapprop)), but Nancy Grace’s insanity will forever live on. This video is actually very hysterical because Nancy Grace is such a ridiculous human. Obviously, you need sound, but it’s worth watching.

BBT enjoys the finer things in life, but, unfortunately, Bacchanalia is rarely one of them. Have you ever been? I went once…I’d like to go back, so I entered this contest to win a $250 dinner for two! That would put a decent dent in the bill, I think, so long as I didn’t take Hilary with me. You can enter, too!!! But if you win, you have to take me. Unless you win, Hilary, in which case you will need to tell them that what most consider dinner for two is actually a dinner for uno in your book.Please say a little prayer for Missy Baxter today…she’s having surgery for these lump things that are actually pretty icky and I’m glad she’s getting them removed…anyway, she’s going to have to have a doggy cone and she’s going to hate it. Missy doesn’t like conical accessories.

Happy Tuesday. Have you VOTED FOR BBT YET?!? If you haven’t…well….


6 Responses to “I’d rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a can”

  1. hb said


  2. sweet dee said

    BBT and chesley mcneil are the only categories I voted for out of 5 pages worth of arbitrary best/worst of atl.

    And yes WAY tooo soon for Casey Anthony PERFUME!! eau de car trunk?!?! I’m gonna buy the nancy grace perfume and it’ll be called “eau de death to tot mom”. It will actually double as extra-hold hairspray.

  3. Ok Madonna said

    ‘coulour’ spelled like the Brits do. PRETENTIOUS.

  4. Parker said

    what the hell? I love cheese from an aerosol can. it is fun and delicious. especially on triscuits or ritz crackers

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