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You don’t know until you know

Posted by AllieB on March 12, 2015

Oh, hello readers. I know it’s been a minute, but up until very recently I’ve been completely miserable and amid the throes of a serious bout of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder is not a joke; it is real), and my inability to talk about anything but my misery mandated a brief BBT hiatus. But that’s all in the past, there’s no more sludge – I will literally (not literally) kill someone if the sludge comes back, and I learned I am my own hero and my super power is getting out of bed. Join me as we move on from actual hell on earth winter and embrace the joyful pleasures of spring.

It’s always hard for me to jump back in after a lengthy absence, so I’ll go the way of the listicle; I love a listicle with lots of links.

~ I do not love emails from non-humans and have spammed every daily or weekly or even monthly newsletter I’ve ever tried – with two exceptions: The Skimm and, as of last week, The Lead. We’ve discussed The Skimm 100x why do you never listen to me, and The Lead is like a Skimm but for sports only. I like these guys – here’s a partial shot of today’s email:

The Lead

it’s like zing! but also yeah – that is a fair question

Remember kids: knowing stuff is kewl.

~ I am a published photographer!! I never aspired to be a photographer, but now that I am, I’d like to thank my family and friends for all their support…and Camera Plus for their advanced filtering mechanism, and Instagram for allowing me to add filters on top of filters.

Tribeca Citizen

I posted this stunningly artistic and evocative cityscape on Instagram last week, and they asked if they could post on the site. So that’s how that happened.

The below is from a BBT draft that I’d been half-heartedly working on over the last days of Feb/first few of March, and you can see I was not joking about my fragile state – I think this is what they call “spiraling.” Sheesh.

Morale is low. I recall saying, I think it was early January, the following:

<sips wine, touches hair> “Y’all, I don’t think winter’s going to be that bad. I just don’t. It’s already January and it hasn’t snowed yet, plus last winter was beyond awful, and I read some article that said it’s only really bad every other year…so, right? It’s going to be fine!”

Oh really, Allie. REALLY. I need to leave weather to the professionals and stick with what I know, like watching tv or internet trolling (wanna hang out?) – instead I planted this ill-conceived notion of a balmy winter in my head, so when February hit and wound up being the coldest month since 1934, I didn’t handle it well. I’m not handling it well. I’m starting to lose it. Actually, I think it’s already been lost.

Silver lining: new winter boots for BBT!!

My new boots are already stained by the sludge. I hate everything. Send help.

I know it’s cold everywhere blah blah blah but it’s different up here and you don’t know until you know.

Girlfriend needed a chill pill and a trip to Mexi. DO NOT LET ME FORGET TO GO TO MEXICO NEXT YEAR.

death to the puffer jacket

Baxter, out.

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The results are in, amigo. What’s left to ponder?

Posted by AllieB on January 24, 2011

It’s all happening…!

The rumors have been circulating for years – years! – but the confirmation has finally been confirmed: the sequel to Zoolander will be released in 2012. This is not exactly brand new information, but I am pleased to know that they are making progress. The script is finito and Ben Stiller even shared some basic plot details (credit: NYMag):

“Now the studio has the script and we’re at that point where we’re waiting to see what they want to do. It’s ten years later and most of it is set in Europe. I don’t want to give away too much, but it’s basically Derek and Hansel ten years later – though the last movie ended on a happy note a lot of things have happened in the meantime. Their lives have changed and they’re not really relevant anymore. It’s a new world for them. Will Ferrell is written into the script and he’s expressed interest in doing it. I think Mugatu is an integral part of the Zoolander story, so yes, he features in a big way.”

That really is a cool story, Hansel.*

Girl Talk did not disappoint; it was awesome! We had seats in the balcony – by far the best in the house. Except for the fact that the balcony was moving…a lot…like bouncing up and down. This concerned me a bit, but, upon further examination, I realized that the people below us would actually be much worse-off should the balcony collapse, so it was fine. I also nearly pushed Sister over the railing – ACCIDENTALLY – but that definitely would’ve put a damper on the evening. Sorry, without any irony. I’ve been noticing a flux in thoughts of the macabre ilk, recently…might need to check on that…

BOLO for a balcony!


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That’s enough, Tenley

Posted by AllieB on September 7, 2010

Summertime TV is not my favorite thing. Networks – especially those of the cable variety – have done a good job of spacing out their programming so that there’re some decent shows during the months that all the major networks are on hiatus, but it’s still tough going. I found Bachelor Pad to be among the worst of these filler shows, and I’m thankful that soon How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl, and 90210 will return to my Monday evening line-up.

That said…fall is near; new tv is almost here!! This site provides a complete, comprehensive list of premiere dates, and here are some especially worth noting:

  • Gossip GirlMon Sept 13: I hear it’s going to be better than last season – let’s hope so
  • 90210Mon Sept 13: will Annie come clean? Will Naomi’s cruel older sister continue to ruin her life? We shall see…
  • Top Chef: Just DessertsWed Sept 15: I love all things Top Chef
  • Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaThurs Sept 16: there are no words that could even remotely convey my excitement
  • How I Met Your MotherMon Sept 20: I’m about ready to meet this mother, myself
  • GleeTues Sept 21: there’s going to be an episode featuring B. Spears and her music this season, and I cannot wait
  • Running WildeTues Sept 21: this new sitcom from the producers of Arrested Development stars Will Arnett and Keri Russell (LOVE Keri Russell – she’s just so pretty, and I really liked her Emmy outfit, too). There are especially high expectations for this one, and a recent blurb in the Wall Street Journal said that the pilot was not a huge hit with a case study group, so cast and script changes were to be made. I will for sure watch.
  • The MiddleWed Sept 22: surprisingly hilarious, comes on before Modern Family – it’s worth a watch
  • Modern FamilyWed Sept 22: obvi
  • Cougar TownWed Sept 22: I love the cast of this show – they have great chemistry. Jennifer Anniston guest stars in season premiere as Jules’s (Courteney Cox) therapist.
  • 30 RockThurs Sept 22: der
  • Grey’s AnatomyThurs Sept 23: I still watch this program and it’s really good, esp now that Katherine Heigl is gone
  • My GenerationThurs Sept 23: a new drama on ABC – people reconvene at a ten year high school reunion, secrets are revealed, pots are stirred…could be good
  • The OfficeThurs Sept 22: Steve Carrell’s final season…sometimes my hyper-sensitive secondhand awkwardness has difficulty with this show
  • Saturday Night LiveSat Sept 25: Amy Poehler hosts and Katy Perry will provide the music
  • Desperate HousewivesSun Sept 26: it just keeps getting better, IMO
  • Brothers & SistersSun Sept 26: the season finale was heart-wrenching – can’t wait to see how things turn out
  • The Good Wife Tues Sept 28: last year’s first season was a huge success, it’s one of my favorites

A gem from Modern Family – it gets real good around 1:08.

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