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D is for Dunce

Posted by AllieB on March 10, 2011

The following humans are clearly very special, and I’d like to acknowledge their specialness by awarding them Dunce Hats.

Meet Timothy Chapek. Timothy needed to take a shower, so he broke into someone’s house. Hilary McKenzie, owner of said home, had the gall to enter whilst Timothy was self-cleaning, causing him to panic. Tapping into his meager cache of brain cells, Timothy did the only thing he could think to do (source: NYDaily News):

“I just broke into a house and the owner came home,” Chapek told the 911 operator, in a call obtained by The Smoking Gun. “I think they have guns.”

“You broke into a house?” asked the confused operator.

“Why are you in my house taking a shower?” homeowner Hilary McKenzie can be heard asking in the background. “Who are you?”

“My name is Timothy Chapek,” Chapek told her sheepishly.

“I broke in…I already called them,” he added, when McKenzie threatened to call the police. “They’re on the phone right now.”

When people who know Timothy hear about this, they’ll probably shake their heads with disdain and mutter, “damn fool can’t even burgle a house right…” At least that’s what I would say, if I knew Timothy.

Next, I shall revisit the gold mine of fail that is girls track. I’ve shared with you before a video of girls track going awry*, and this gem is no less sensational.


I don’t even understand how that happened, but I’m glad it did.

Holy crap that is awesome.

*Sidebar: I just watched that YouTube and it’s amazing – here’s the link again, you don’t need sound. I have it embedded so it starts at the perfect time…DO IT DAMMIT. Ok bye.

3 Responses to “D is for Dunce”

  1. Pal said

    It’s her flailing arms that really get me

  2. A said

    i can’t look away

  3. undercoverturkeylover said

    my favorite part is when she flaps down like a fish out of water. also, while I did not participate in t&f in HS, I’m pretty sure that a pajama’s and a visor is not the preferred uniform. fail.

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