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Amanda Knox was up to no good; get me a shot of snake juice

Posted by AllieB on October 5, 2011

Let’s talk about current events. Amanda “Foxy Knoxy” Knox was acquitted for murder in Perugia, Italy this week and is now back at home in Seattle. She and her manfriend, Rafaelle, along with a third guy, Rudy, were charged with murdering her roommate, but the court has overturned the verdict and now she’s free. Et cetera.

There are few issues here:

-never have a manfriend named Rafaelle – things will always end poorly

-whether or not Amanda actually killed her roommate, she was obviously mixed up in some uncouth activity over there. It’s like when UsWeekly publishes a “THEY’RE BROKEN UP” story and it’s immediately refuted but then weeks or months later they confirm that it actually was true. People are getting their information somewhere, and rumors are almost always based on truth. Things can obviously can get blown out of proportion, but something is amiss here…if I were Foxy Knoxy’s mom I’d be all, “Welcome home, sweetie!” and, “Yay you’re acquitted!” and then after a couple of weeks I’d be like, “Wait, what the crap were you doing over there that you got charged with slicing your roommate’s throat??” Ya know??? Just sayin – she’s kind of a creep.

-she’s going to have a very hard time finding a new roommate

I’m no Leila Ann/Nancy Grace, and I get tired of researching facts so forgive me if I’ve left out something important. I tried to be vague.

Last night I enjoyed good company, mediocre wine, thin crust ‘za and a most delicious salad with Sedge, Dani, and YKenna. I really enjoyed that salad. It was spinach leaves, goat cheese, craisins, pears, red onion, and this dressing. Tasty!

I LOVE RON SWANSON. Images courtesy of this GIF compilation.

To do: the Futurebirds are opening for Panic this weekend at the Verizon Amphitheater. Are you familiar with the Futurebirds? They’re awesome.

Ok, one more. I hope the rest of your day is cool beans.

4 Responses to “Amanda Knox was up to no good; get me a shot of snake juice”

  1. Ron Swan GIF said

    I could watch them allllll day.

    I had never seen toast face one. Gracias.

  2. Grady the Mixed Breed said

    She was also attending a school called the “University for Foreigners.” That sounds weird. Just saying.

  3. *Innocent* said

    Let’s all be honest here…who didn’t try to slice their roommate’s throatin some crazy sexual fantasy in Innsbruck…like every night? Given my brooding good looks and signature “I may be saying no, but I mean yes” smile, I knew that I would likely be the victim, many times, of such a fantasy. That is why I always slept/passed out with chainmail under under my turtleneck flannel pajamas…uncomfortable but necessary…not the turtleneck flannel pajamas but the chainmail.

    • AllieB said

      I’m wondering – since you’re all set with some come-hither sleepwear and a weapon of choice, maybe you could be Amanda’s next roomie? At least she’d have a worthy adversary… I have a feeling she’s the mastermind behind the whole thing

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