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You’re going to want to bookmark this one

Posted by AllieB on August 23, 2011

CREDIT: Hadley P. Click here to enlarge.

This is the schedule for Fall premiers on the major networks. I know not how to spell “premiere” and it seems it’s acceptable with or without the “e.” Ok then.

I spent an afternoon watching trailers for the new tv shows recently, and there is a LOT for us to be excited about. Note to Sister, Kara, Lacy, and probably a lot of you: these are scripted television shows with sets and fictional characters and plotlines, so you may or may not be interested. For those of us with standards, continue reading:


  • Two Broke Girls: that busty girl from a bunch of movies is kind of annoying, but I laughed at the trailer…I”m sure I’ll watch it even if it’s awful
  • Up All Night: Christina Applegate is one of my top 5, and Will Arnett is weird but in an awesome way, and Maya Rudolph – when she’s not overdoing it – is great, too. IN!
  • Revenge: fiesty! And I like that actress – Rebecca from Brothers and Sisters.
  • Pan Am: I’ve never been a fan of Christina Ricci (her face is weird), but I like the premise
  • Hart of Dixie: I think this has already premiered? It wasn’t horrible
  • Charlie’s Angels: I’ll definitely try it out – I have that girl crush on Minka Kelly…

I am LIVID that Cougar Town doesn’t come back on until January 2012. WTF, ABC? KMA. Fortunately Happy Endings is making a timely return…I’m serious, that show is hilarious. Hopefully they’ll continue to minimize the roles of Elisha Cuthbert and that d-nozzle she left at the altar. His only redeeming quality is that he runs a cheesesteak food truck…I love food trucks that serve cheesesteaks.

SPEAKING of food trucks: Tex’s Tacos schedule for the week.

Did you know that Zara will be selling their clothes online as of September 7th? They are. Neat.

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You come here to me

Posted by AllieB on August 15, 2011

Hello, let’s jump right in.

I went to the PGA tournament out at Atlanta Athletic Club on Friday. It was extremely hot and extremely fun. I have a new found respect for all things golf, largely thanks to Adam Scott. WHERE HAS HE BEEN HIDING because he is one attractive Australian – AUSTRALIAN!! Geoff Baxter very kindly humored my crush and we bird-dogged him through the back nine….I am quite sure we made eye contact on more than one occasion, and I know he felt it, too – our “connection.”

Oh hai

JBax moved to NYC on Saturday and CKB and Stanton are moving to LA tomorrow. WTF! I am excited to have reason to visit these places, but I feel a little abandoned…and you know Missy isn’t happy.

Per my weekly horoscope, sorry in advance:

You’re a bit of an over-sharer this week, Gemini, so try to pay attention to the body language of your fellow conversationalists.

BOLO for social awkwardness…!

I haven’t had Tex’s in like two weeks, and I’m craving it bad. Here’s this week’s schedule. I might finally do the Howell Mill Food Truck Night Event Extravaganza – I’ve been talking about going for ages and have yet to pull the trigger. I’ll be the first to admit that BBT can be a lot of talk and not so much with the action. Carne asada: get IN my belly.

Lastly, I would like to direct your attention to the very bottom of the home page where I have – ever so helpfully – added page numbers for your browsing enjoyment. You’re welcome.

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Life’s a beach

Posted by AllieB on August 8, 2011

Oh, hey.

Lo siento por el absentia. I was busy being at the beach! I love the beach. I am meant to be in warm climates, near the water, with a nice tan. In Atlanta, I am missing one of these crucial components…and it’s not the warm climate part.

Meet and greet: Sand Cliffs, FLA! We went to Miriam’s house – it is just delightful.

Janie is the cutest.

It was about 193 degrees – contact with water was mandatory…minus the Attack of the Sea Slugs. Ew.

The Hilton House. I’m obsessed with this house. I think it is just so cool – when we were down here last spring, the landscaping was pretty sparse and it was more of an eyesore than anything – now it looks pretty badass, IMO. Once again, some truly excellent photography thanks to my Blackberry 9630.

Other highlights (from top left):

-vista from Bud and Alley’s

-pool side!! a nice reprieve from sand. I just shook out my shorts and sand came out. I’ll be covered in sand for a week, at least

Strawberry Watermelon Marg (courtesy of Lindsay)

Iced Vodka with Cucumber, Lemon, and Mint (Lindsay again)

We did a bad job with pics…this is from our last trip back in 2010, but it’ll do.

I don’t like doing photo centric posts, I’m very disoriented – I prefer to use my words.


Tex’s Tacos this week. (K! Lunch tomorrow???)

Weekly horo. (It’s still last week’s – check this afternoon)

Lastly, have you LIKED BBT ON FACEBOOK??? Do it. Do it now.

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Jump, dive, or bellyflop

Posted by AllieB on July 25, 2011


It’s hot and humid. I embraced this weather but spending the day at the pool on Saturday. It so happened that said pool had a high dive – when is the last time you went off the high dive?? Some people did flips, some got real adventurous with the pencil…someONE got crazy with a bunk inward that incurred “AWWWW!” and “ugggggggggggh” from the crowd as she landed…that last one was probably my favorite “dive” (I use the word loosely) of the day, if not an impressive failure….good times!

If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend Bistro Niko. While you are there get the mushroom flat bread because it’s a-MAH-zing and we actually wound up ordering it twice because we wanted more. BBT says: two thumbs up!

Meet & Greet: Gus. Gus has got the right idea – it’s too hot to even swim outside, so he decided to bring his pool inside. I like where your head’s at, Gus. This is actually really funny…A for Effort! (Don’t need sound, credit: JBax)

Tex’s Tacos schedule for the week…CKB, Gaylen, and I went on Friday and it was as delicious as ever – if not more so since they’ve started using skirt steak for their carne asada taco…YUM

Weekly horoscope: mine was way too aggressive for a Munday. No thanks.

Ok, bye.

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That’s that

Posted by AllieB on July 18, 2011

Suffice it to say, it was an emotional Sunday. I subjected myself to unnecessary grief by watching the series finale of Friday Night Lights and then sitting through the last installment of the Harry Potter films. I am reminded of Sping 2k4 – cut to: the night before my last exam when I was studying at a friend’s apartment, enduring the series finale of Friends, my favorite television program, alone. He walked in midway through to find me on the couch, my books spread around me, bawling freely….he quietly excused himself and retreated quickly back across the courtyard.

Look, sorry I’m not sorry I allow myself to be engaged by quality tv and cinema presentations.

Friday Night Lights has been sensational this entire last season. It’s already out on DVD, so I highly recommend queuing up your Netflix. AND both Coach Taylor and Tami Taylor were nominated for Emmy’s again, as was the program on a whole. Talk about deserving winners…Coach Taylor could tell me throw myself in front of a bus and I’d say, “can I throw myself in front of two?” I love that guy.

Harry Potter was a-MAH-zing. They jump right in where they left off with the first installment, and it’s a non-stop thrill ride til the very end. Actually, no, the very end is a little awkward, but up until there are 5 minutes left – heart-pounding thrill ride. Why do movie critics always say “thrill ride?” I have never used that phrase before, ever, and how strange that it’s used re: a decidedly stationary activity. Just saying. Also – I thoroughly enjoyed this “Best of” retrospective covering all of the Harry Potter movies on NYMag.

BBT HIGHLY recommends both. Doooo it.

Meet and greet: BP’s new PUPPY PIPPA!!!! Can you tell which one is Pippa the Pup, and which one is Pippa Middleton made entirely out of crumpets? (I know, so weird.)

I LOVE PIPPA THE PUP!!! (She’s on the left)

Here’s Tex’s Tacos schedule for the week.

Here’s your weekly horoscope.

Here’s how to VOTE FOR BBT!!!!!!!!!

Guess who turns ONE this Thursday…? Hint: it’s not a mammal; it’s a blog which you may or may not be reading at this very moment.

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