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Victory! Fail.

Posted by AllieB on May 23, 2011

To preface: this week is an atypical week. I am wrapping up my job and concurrently transitioning to my new one; this is a very exciting change, I feel like I’m practically a grown-up…..anyway, be advised – BBT might suffer as a result – not forever, just for the next few days.

I’ll tell you who else is suffering: me, looking at Misha Barton.

( by way of CCH)

Fail, indeed. Although I do approve of her reading material – Bill Bryson is a very hilarious author. Start with I’m a Stranger Here Myself – it’s a compilation of articles he wrote about various idiosyncrasies that make America so awesome. For instance, the number of people who die every year in mattress related deaths, or the wonder that is the grocery store. Whatever, he’s funny – BBT highly recommends. I bet Mischa is just carrying it around for show – it’s upside down for pete’s sake.

The new Bachelorette started last night. Pass.

Oprah’s last show is Wednesday. I thought that already happened?

Beyonce did her crazy, legs-flail-about-as-though-independent-from-her-body dance moves at the Billboard Awards Sunday. Seriously – how. B Spears also performed, to some decidedly lackluster reviews…but at least she looked good.

Here is Tex’s Tacos schedule for the week. I heart Tex’s Tacos. This is me having the all new carne asada taco – they upped the ante on the carne and it’s the heat. I hadn’t noticed the muy auténtico decor they have in the truck…looks good, boys.

Are you watching Parks and Recreation yet???

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What’s new, pussycat?

Posted by AllieB on April 28, 2011

As the heavens prepared to open above Metro Atlanta last night, having wreaked real, tragic havoc over Mississippi and Alabama, people around town made appropriate preparations: got the animals inside, made sure they had candles/flashlights, some of us ensured we had plenty of wine and library books…you get the picture: time to hunker down. Refer to the following BBM convo:

Me: Mom, are you going to Body Pump today?

Mom: No, I’m going to a concert at Cobb Energy Center

Me: A concert?! Mom, the weather is supposed to get really bad later!

Mom: Sorry to miss BP!

I thought this turn of events was a bit curious – although my mom does love concerts (Hippie Fest ’07, Rod Stewart & Stevie Nicks), but then forgot about it and carried on with my evening. It wasn’t until hours later when I was chatting with my older sister, CKB, that I learned what was going on. My mother was at the TOM JONES concert. TOM JONES. Tom “Sexbomb” Jones. What? I don’t even know.

Soundbite! J Simps on her “workout regimen” for her upcoming nuptials (PopEater, credit: Julia)

“I just have to work out on my own. There is no regimen I need to follow. There’s no diet I need to follow…No exercise is fun! I am going to dance around my bedroom and hopefully lose some weight — and lift some weights and do what I can!”

Every time Jessica gets the urge to speak, she should resist that urge and not speak. She’s the only person to whom I’d say this, but: try NOT using your words. I goog’ed “Jessica Simpson dancing.” Have I gone too far? This isn’t very nice.


Maybe think about tossing in some pilates along with your boudoir frolics, or going on the occasional yog…just in case.

It’s almost here….my favorite thing: THE ROYAL WEDDING!!!! Kate’s getting hitched! I set my alarm for 4:01. If I can’t stay awake for it, at least I will be absorbing the coverage as I sleep…omg I seriously can’t wait. I’m afraid I’m not going to be doing any live-blogging, 1. because the chances of me staying awake are very slim, and 2. I don’t know how to live blog. Rest assured, I’ll have plenty to say after the fact tomorrow afternoon, so….BOLO.



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Best Week Ever

Posted by AllieB on April 25, 2011

OMIGOSH Kate is getting married on FRIDAY. I am setting my alarm for 4 AM. I’m going to pre-purchase mini scones from Starbucks and have lots of English Breakfast Tea on hand and it’s going to be a wonderful time.

Source – I hope they still do this blog post-wedding…

In a totally unexpected turn of events, I managed to stick to my Lent for the duration – trust me, I’m more surprised than anyone. For 40 days I abstained from both ravioli and hoegaarden…the mind reels. Dinner tonight will be portobello ravioli from Trader Joe’s, and if anyone would like to go to Treehouse this week, I will join you and indulge in a $5.50, 180 calorie hoegaarden.

Well, Kate might be marrying the future King of England on Friday, but I have my Ten Year High School Reunion. Allie: 1, Kate: 0. I was thinking about making up some kind of outlandish story about what I’ve been up to over the last decade – for my own entertainment more than anything else, but then I realized that I am on Facebook and have this blog and am still very close with most of my high school pals, so it’s really no secret what I’ve been up to…plus, I’m not actually boring and have plenty to talk about…it’ll be fine. Maybe even fun.

Senior Fun Day - a day of fun for seniors

Oh.My.Goodness. You don’t need sound, but you do need to watch (credit: Dinka)

Best week ever, indeed.

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