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Get up offa that thang

Posted by AllieB on June 15, 2011

Tis a very good feeling to surmount the hump that is Wednesday.

Pippa’s single!!! Incidentally, Harry and Chelsey are in the latter part of their constantly on-again-off-again relationship, so mayhaps the rumors of the sparks that flew between them at the wedding could come to fruition…that’d be really weird. Their children would all be identical. My head kind of hurts even thinking about that – it’s not incest, is it? It almost seems like it’d be wrong. Whatever. I said this a couple of weeks ago, but I’m still marvelling at the length of her torso; it is, like, really really long. This pic is from a 5k she ran recently – her time was 25 minutes 30 seconds. My 5k PR is 20 minutes 17 seconds…BOOM. I may or may not have been 14 at the time.

I enjoyed a delicious and free lunch at The Ivy today because I am a Black Card Member aka a V.I.P. I got a pizza. Their pizza is awesome, as is the new pimento cheese sampler/salad, the Club sandwich, and they just added a bunch of salads and stuff, too. You should try it out – if you go there enough, you might even be considered for Black Card Membership……

While I’m distributing accolades about town, I should mention CamiCakes. (Katie – there’s also one in Jax!) I got Jordan a bday cupcake yesterday – I went with the “Classic Cami” which is vanilla cake with a truly awesome strawberry icing – and it was delish. There was a minor snafu when the gentleman ran my card for $2,700 instead of $2.70, but I told him Wells Fargo would deny that charge like Dikembe would a dunk and not to worry about it. We had a good laugh over the Dikembe comparison – he even did the finger shake at me. Good times!

I finally made a new mix cd. I’ve been listening to Girl Talk since before their concert in January and it’s getting kind of manic. I have no idea what’s on my new mix because I cannot get past the first two songs, which are “Chances Are” (that guy is hottt!) and “A Little Bit Stronger” from the Country Strong soundtrack. I’m not one for country or for singing along, but I have been belting out these tunes nonstop. This may surprise people, but I do not have a particularly melodious singing voice…less canary, more adolescent boy with bad allergies. I highly recommend both, but you can skip the movie, IMO.

That’s all for today; I’m going to get my fitness on. Thanks,, for this motivating photo gallery – here’s a nice little preview for you, boys and girls:













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Not for the faint of heart

Posted by AllieB on May 3, 2011


I’ve been trying to spice up my workout regimen because I hate working out, and everyone knows that variety is the spice of life, so… what I’m saying is that I’ve been doing some new stuff.

Enter: spinning. Spinning is basically a lesson in masochism. My mom and I tried out a new class at the gym, and it was the first time for both of us. The class ended just as our usual Monday class, Body Pump, was getting started, and everyone stared at us – partly in sympathy but mostly in sheer horror- one person remarked that it looked like we’d beaten each other up. It was really, really hard. I’m going to go back on Wednesday; spinning is my Everest. And CharBax: you’re nuts. NUTS. I always thought you were loco with your 100 mile bike rides, but now I think you’re totally mental (and I mean that in an awe-struck kind of way).

Well, this is fortuitous timing – spotted on my favorite blog about random crap

I like where their head’s at, but, to be honest, biking + booze don’t really mix. The only thing I’d bring to spinning besides water is a restorative electrolyte enhanced fruity beverage and a towel, not to mention that you really can get arrested for Cycling Under the Influence (CUI). BBT says: A for Effort, F for Fail.

Ok, now I’m laughing – first the Teva Stilettos, then the Poots, and now….these (also from Hairpin).

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Prada boutique for this season’s must-have: $1,500 Mary Janes with the leg already built in! Didn’t shave your legs? Not to worry – this Mary Jane boot (MaJoot?) is the answer to your unsightly hairiness. These are the least alluring leg adornments ever, IMO – you’d be better off in nude hose and no one is EVER better off in nude hose. BBT says: do not want.

Friendly reminder: Mother’s Day is on Sunday!!! Luv u, Mom :)

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Best Week Ever

Posted by AllieB on April 25, 2011

OMIGOSH Kate is getting married on FRIDAY. I am setting my alarm for 4 AM. I’m going to pre-purchase mini scones from Starbucks and have lots of English Breakfast Tea on hand and it’s going to be a wonderful time.

Source – I hope they still do this blog post-wedding…

In a totally unexpected turn of events, I managed to stick to my Lent for the duration – trust me, I’m more surprised than anyone. For 40 days I abstained from both ravioli and hoegaarden…the mind reels. Dinner tonight will be portobello ravioli from Trader Joe’s, and if anyone would like to go to Treehouse this week, I will join you and indulge in a $5.50, 180 calorie hoegaarden.

Well, Kate might be marrying the future King of England on Friday, but I have my Ten Year High School Reunion. Allie: 1, Kate: 0. I was thinking about making up some kind of outlandish story about what I’ve been up to over the last decade – for my own entertainment more than anything else, but then I realized that I am on Facebook and have this blog and am still very close with most of my high school pals, so it’s really no secret what I’ve been up to…plus, I’m not actually boring and have plenty to talk about…it’ll be fine. Maybe even fun.

Senior Fun Day - a day of fun for seniors

Oh.My.Goodness. You don’t need sound, but you do need to watch (credit: Dinka)

Best week ever, indeed.

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I love kabobs

Posted by AllieB on April 11, 2011

Hallo. Let’s jump right in – hope everyone had a glorious weekend. I, of course, did. Tonight I’m hanging out with the Cali Baxters – my aunt, uncle and cousins who live in Novato, CA of whom we do not see enough. We’re having kabobs for dinner. Kabobs are my favorite.

Happy late bday to CCHaynes!! I wish we had written down the concoction we made yesterday, twas truly delightful: refreshing, tasty, and not altogether harmless…

Anyway, you know me and my relentlessly optimistic self – always someone worse off, always a silver lining, etc….well, here’s some sunshine for ya. Ho-hum about your job? Sick of sitting at a desk, maybe just kind of wishing for a change-up? Handle THIS: (source Bureaucratics: Photographic World Tour of Desk Jobs from


Bummer. This young woman, born in 1982, works in Yemen in the regional office of the Ministry of Tithing and Alms. Her salary is US$67/month. I’m gonna guess there’s something of a dress code, as well…things are lookin up!

Thanks for the self-esteem boost Happy Birthday, Alessandra Ambrosio! I wonder what it’s like to turn 30? Guess I wouldn’t know…hope it works out for ya. Yeah, there’s really no way to level this playing field. Those Brazilian women really raise the bar. Don’t you have that ‘kini, Sis?

Guess I’ll be doing spinning today, and also looking into a new diet called ‘Fasting.’

I went to Rosebud this weekend in Viriginia Highlands and tried out the owner’s new endeavor, The Family Dog, located right across the street. It was very crowded but very promising. I had a Moscow Mule, which is apparently just white hot right now – I heard about it weeks ago from MC, who is always on the cutting edge…I don’t really branch out much re: bar beverages, but this was delish. They have a full menu, and I don’t know what’s on it but I did see some pork rinds covered in cheeto cheese going by…obviously I will be returning to try those out. BBT Says: positive first impression, need to go back.

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This is not about Charlie Sheen

Posted by AllieB on March 2, 2011

The whole Charlie Sheen situation is really very sad, and I choose to take the high road re: judgement, but I will provide some insightful commentary. Something is clearly amiss here, yet he seems to have the notion that he is fine and capable of providing his children with the care they need. Delusional sociopath? Perhaps. Devoted father with a substance abuse problem? Equally plausible. I will give him props for introducing a whole new slew of slang to our daily jargon. Me, my favorites are “the scoreboard doesn’t lie” and “gnarly gnarlingtons.” We’re not intervening on him for his catchphrases, just the drugs, prostitutes, and all-round uncouth behavior. And I’m following him on Twitter – I’m really getting into this Twitter thing; it’s neat.

I am currently debating what I might give up for Lent – I’ve decided I’m going to get serious this year, so I’m really hashing it out. My take on Lent is it that it should be something that improves your being, be it done by adding a new behavior or taking a negative one away. Anyway, current front runners are:

  1. no mas four letter curse words
  2. no – none, nada, nein – stuffed pasta (you laugh…this might be the most difficult thing on here)
  3. cannot order Hoegaardens (this will result in both a caloric and fiscal benefit)

All of those things would make me a better, healthier person. Except for the first – I read somewhere that dropping an F-bomb when you’re mad/upset/in pain helps you cope with the situation better, but I’m too lazy to look it up. Oh add that on: #4 – be not lazy. Regardless, I just think it might be more ladylike of me to not say expletives, and anyone who knows me knows that I am on an eternal quest to be more ladylike. Wait, would acronyms count?? Hmm. I guess I can just yell OMLG whenever I feel like going primal.

I need a nap.


Hey, look Buff – kitten mittens.

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