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Is this thing on?

Posted by AllieB on March 17, 2016

Hello? Hi. I know it’s been awhile blah blah I’ve got news!

I’m going to business school! In Atlanta! I’m enrolled in the full-time program at Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business and I’m moving in July. When I first began considering schools, Tech wasn’t even on my radar because Tech is where nerds go, but then I remembered I’m pretty nerdy. Also, it’s a good and becoming great school doing a lot of cool business-y stuff in ATL and elsewhere, but what really sealed the deal is that Amazon is opening a brick and mortar store on campus this summer. It came down to Tech, Emory, and UGA, but the decision more or less much made itself: when you know, you know – ya know? I’m super pumped to go back to school: I’m excited to learn new things and maybe be president of some clubs, to make new friends and buy school supplies (!!), and I can’t wait to explore ATL – it’s like a completely different city from when I left four years ago. Speaking of: do you or anyone you know own a condo or residence in Midtown/VA High/Inman Park they want to lease to a responsible, easy tenant who can handle many of her own minor home repairs? Yas. Call me. Living in New York is the coolest thing I’ve ever done, and I’m a better person for it, but I’m ready for what’s next.

me in emoji

This is basically who I am now. +2 points to Tech for having a mascot that’s also an emoji – I didn’t even factor that into my decision-making process

I would like to comment on the whole studying/test-taking/application/interviewing/waiting business school process in that it SUCKS. It’s a scary thing announcing your intentions then having no idea how it will all pan out, no matter how hard you work or how many deals you make with The Man Upstairs. The reason I haven’t written in so long is because I was wallowing in depths of the unknown and uncertainty and had nothing but tales of woe to offer. My blood pressure was scary-high, and I was turning into a real betch displaying borderline manic traits. For three solid months I had nightly nightmares wherein I was not only denied by every school – including some schools I hadn’t even applied to – but, in addition to the scathing decision letter detailing said denial, I was forced to sit in front of the Admissions Committee while they literally pointed and laughed at me. The spiral…it was real.

Anyway, I’m totes fine now. Next up: the compilation and subsequent pursuit of my #NYCBucketList. I read the BBT from June 2012 that plotted my #ATLBucketList prior to moving up here, and it turns out I did exactly zero of the things. My 2012 self was really lazy. Who wants to take the tram to Roosevelt Island?!

Besides school stuff – and honestly, there hasn’t been much besides that – things are as ever. Winter was a nonevent. I visited Char and SRM in Seattle and have been to ATL a lot. I lost my medallion status on Delta and now fly all of the airlines which I’ll get into another time if you’re lucky; Southwest has a truly confounding business model. I drew this “map” a few months ago and it took me the better part of a Tuesday to do, so I’m forcing it into the post then we’ll never talk about my commute again. Yeah, that’s a lie. Two to four times/week I board the Metro North to Greenwich, CT, an enclave of wealth northeast of the city that makes Buckhead look like a hole, to work in my company’s Connecticut office. While it really is beautiful and it’s nice to get out of the city, the trek to and from – as my map very clearly illustrates - is not great.

the journey

Get it?? Girl on the TrainS?? On Fridays I treat myself to train beers for the ride home, and, as someone who has had multiple people take pictures of me sleeping, I sometimes like to pay it forward. Also pictured: the office. See – it’s nice, it’s just..not in New York.


This is easily the worst ending of all time, but I’m gonna leave it here with the promise I’m getting back on track. It’s like Senior Spring for me: we’re already hiring peeps for my replacement(s), and I’m on public transit like 12 hours per week - what else do I have to do besides write BBTs and search property tax records of old-mansions-turned-newly-renovated-condos south of Piedmont Park that I’d like to live in but whose units are rarely listed?? Friendly reminder: today is not only St Patty’s Day but also the first day of March Madness, plus it’s Thursday on top of all that, so be careful out there…and don’t you dare pinch me.


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Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

Posted by AllieB on March 6, 2014

…or does it? Sometimes I just want what I want when I want it, and barring access to something that I want seems needlessly cruel. For this reason, I often choose not to partake in Lent – most of the time I fail and then some: I end up doing (eating) whatever it is I decided not to do (eat) even more than I did in the first place. However, now that I am in the latter part of my 31st year, I think maybe I should try adulthood on for size. Challenge: accepted.

This year I am giving up pasta & pizza. Monday thru Thursday this will be a cake walk mmm cake but come Friday, Saturday, and Sunday…well, I’m going to have to dig deep. Every weekend I have one or the other or both, and I am already concerned about what I’ll have instead. Like, seriously, what does one eat on Sunday if not the homemade Fettucini Al Sugo Toscano from Max Trattoria? I guess I’ll find out. This also means no more Pizza Friday….I did not think this through. I wish I’d given up cake.

ravioli - Lent

My Last Supper on Tuesday. I am not even kidding: this meal of Whole Foods Cheese Ravioli on a bed of sauteed spinach is the closest I’ve ever come to Stuffed Pasta Heaven. It goes without saying that I am adroit in the kitchen, particularly when it comes to boiling water, but that crack they put in the ravioli is damn good. You can find these pastas in the refrigerated pasta section at your local Whole Foods.

At least I’m not the only one who’s concerned about making it thru the Lenten season:

Hilary:  yuuuum wait did you give up pasta for lent?

me:  pasta and pizza

Hilary:  oy vey. i thought about giving up fried foods. but i can’t seem to pull the triggeri need to though

me:  it’s really only going to be a problem on the wknds when that’s pretty much all i eat

Hilary:  yeah i’m going to do it. no fried foods for 40 days

me:  there ya go


You’re an inspiration to us all, Hildebeast.

I’m heading south manana!! Ahh, ATL – I have missed you…I’m excited about the following:

  • Seeing G-Force, Geoffrey, and frands. If you’re one of the lucky ones, BOLO for a huge MASH. Hilary, you can BOLO for a cold shoulder and a look of disinterest
  • Driving a car. I miss having a whip. Plus, riding in a car pretty much eradicates any chance of you sitting in a stranger’s lap
  • CHEESE DIP. If you need me, I’ll be by the queso.
  • Weather that is not this. I don’t even bother looking at the forecast anymore – I just automatically don my puffer, boots, scarf, and ear warmers before leaving the house
  • Taking long walks and cozy naps with this ANGEL MUFFIN, Sally, the lab my parents are temporarily hosting via Atlanta Lab Rescue.



Look at that – me & ATL is a perfect example of absence making the heart grow fonder…guess it can go either way #themindreels

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WHO IS THE YELLOW KING?? We find out on Sunday…

Guys, I very nearly didn’t write today (I think you can probably see why, if you’ve even made it to the end to read this), but I’ve written every single week of 2014 – can’t let this hot streak fizzle. Happy Thursday to you and yours! A, pour me out some of that hashtagwine in prep for my imminent arrival…

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Victory! Fail.

Posted by AllieB on May 23, 2011

To preface: this week is an atypical week. I am wrapping up my job and concurrently transitioning to my new one; this is a very exciting change, I feel like I’m practically a grown-up…..anyway, be advised – BBT might suffer as a result – not forever, just for the next few days.

I’ll tell you who else is suffering: me, looking at Misha Barton.

( by way of CCH)

Fail, indeed. Although I do approve of her reading material – Bill Bryson is a very hilarious author. Start with I’m a Stranger Here Myself – it’s a compilation of articles he wrote about various idiosyncrasies that make America so awesome. For instance, the number of people who die every year in mattress related deaths, or the wonder that is the grocery store. Whatever, he’s funny – BBT highly recommends. I bet Mischa is just carrying it around for show – it’s upside down for pete’s sake.

The new Bachelorette started last night. Pass.

Oprah’s last show is Wednesday. I thought that already happened?

Beyonce did her crazy, legs-flail-about-as-though-independent-from-her-body dance moves at the Billboard Awards Sunday. Seriously – how. B Spears also performed, to some decidedly lackluster reviews…but at least she looked good.

Here is Tex’s Tacos schedule for the week. I heart Tex’s Tacos. This is me having the all new carne asada taco – they upped the ante on the carne and it’s the heat. I hadn’t noticed the muy auténtico decor they have in the truck…looks good, boys.

Are you watching Parks and Recreation yet???

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Racks come in all shapes and sizes

Posted by AllieB on March 30, 2011

Due to this crap weather, I found myself wide awake at the vampire hour of 5AM this morning. Never one to waste even a moment of unexpected free time, I decided to assemble my new over-the-door shoe rack I purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I have the bad habit of hurling my shoes into the back of my closet when I’m done with them, which is good for neither shoe nor ease of locating said shoe, so I decided to get a shoe rack.

Wayne: What is it?
Stacy: It’s a gun rack.
Wayne: A gun rack… a gun rack. I don’t even own A gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I gonna do… with a gun rack?
Stacy: You don’t like it? Fine. You know Wayne, if you’re not careful, you’re going to lose me. 
Wayne: I lost you 2 months ago. We broke up. Are you mental?

“Mental” is always a funny way to describe someone…Anyway, I found a reasonably priced rack that declared, “EASY ASSEMBLY!” and “NO TOOLS REQUIRED!” Super, I thought, as I picked up the suspiciously small box. This should have been my first clue.

Step 1: wtf.


Step 2: I persevered nevertheless…

This looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Step 3: Turns out it wasn’t rocket science. Thankfully, these photos do not show the lapse of time between each step…there were some… ‘issues’ between steps dos y tres.

Ta da! Meet & Greet: some of my skis shoes.

It was a very productive way to start my day. My next project is assembling an entertainment center from IKEA. I may or may not document that endeavor…

OMG it’s the season finale of Top Chef tonight!!! If Atlanta’s Richard Blais (of burger joint FLIP – two in ATL and one in B’ham) doesn’t beat that guido Mike, I’m going to be very displeased. And I’ll know exactly who to blame: Gail. Gail is the WORST and my ears bleed every time she starts to talk. Stuff it, Gail.

Claire and I were goog’ing some relevant, important topics on Saturday, including but not limited to: “Jessica Simpson fat.” We stumbled upon this photo, and I felt like it was Christmas, my birthday, and Make Someone Uncomfortable Day all rolled into one glorious happening. Further examination revealed that not only is that a fat suit/costume, but it’s probably not even her….sigh. The heart wants what the heart wants.


Racks: gun, shoe, J Simps…..different shapes and sizes…get it?

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