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For dudes, by dudes

Posted by AllieB on May 2, 2012

One thing I really appreciated during BBT’s prolonged hiatus was that, even though I’d gone by the wayside, people still sent me ideas/links/articles/pictures that they thought might be relevant. In many instances they were wrong, and the material wasn’t the least bit relevant, but with some they definitely were on point. RD: I’m looking at you. He sent me Bearings  “A Southern Lifestyle Guide for Men” (join me in my hypothermia-inducing nerd chills), and, while the subtitle was not my favorite, I came around after some browsing. Namely because they talk a lot about food.

1. A list of Buford Highway eateries. This is really helpful. While there are some veritable gems along the international corridor that is Buford Highway, there are also some very serious misses…and you wouldn’t want to accidentally go to the one that actually does serve alley cat in lieu of mystery meat.

2. A best-of restaurant list with sub-lists. Best Patio, Best Burger, Best Steakhouses, Best Breakfasts, Best BBQ…and more. Maybe I need to join forces with Bearings? Or, even better! I can do a female version…what would we call it…GRITS: You Are What You Eat…no, that’s no good. That doesn’t even make sense. Moving along.

3. This delicious recipe for Thai-Style Baby Back Ribs. Someone is more than welcome to cook these and then invite me over to try them.

Anyway, check it out…there’s a lot of interesting stuff: articles about wine, interviews with up and comers…I take back what I said about the nerd chills. This is legit.

And now, in other news……Eli Manning is hosting SNL on Saturday. The promos are great – I think it will be funny!

I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited about The Avengers, opening this Friday. I don’t think I’ll go see it at midnight of opening day as Claire and I may or may not have done for the Hunger Games…….but I’m excited.

Another thing we may or may not have done is pose on the Red Carpet.

The other day my boss told me I look like Drew Barrymore.

Sure. Why not.

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! Go Braves! Go Hawks! Sports!!!

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Here are your plans for Saturday night

Posted by AllieB on March 31, 2011

Do you like laughing? Yes. Well, if you live in/around Atlanta and you’re looking to mix it up this Saturday, I suggest you go see one of our nearest and dearest, one Mr. Matt Pyles, make his comedic debut in the  “Improv A**Hole!” show at the Village Theatre Saturday, April 2 at 8:30 p.m.

Here’s what you can expect. I was sold from the start, but they locked it down with “college drinking game.”

The show is our full fledged, home-grown Improv tournament – exercise your inner critic by voting on your favorite actors as they battle the crowd, the bottle, and each other (with torturous consequences)! Think college drinking game, mixed with a live-made-up-on-the-spot comedy show.

Buy tickets here or pay $10 cash at the door. BE ADVISED the show could very easily sell out, in which case you’d be S.O.L…in something of a pickle…etc.

Commtion/Spring Tour - 2009

In addition to improv comedy, Matt also plays in a little band you may have heard of –

it’s called Commotion.

GO BRAVES! Tomahawk Chop.

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