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Today is an extremely important day

Posted by AllieB on February 22, 2011

Happy Margarita Day!!! Today, February 22, is National Margarita Day. I can’t believe my good luck – what if I hadn’t happened to check out what those whack jobs Hoda and Kathie Lee were up to on the always insane third hour of the Today Show? What if I didn’t like margaritas? I mean…whoa.

Anyway, it is our duty, as citizens of America, to celebrate this holiday. It’s kind of like Cinco de Mayo without all the hoopla – I hate the hoopla of Cinco de Mayo…at least Rio Grande is gone. I did a “study” on the best margs in ATL a few months back: Best in Show: Margs. I stand by my assertion that Treehouse has the best ones, but The Big Ketch – which was not yet open at the time I wrote the last post – has really good Skinny ones…potato/potatto, as far as I’m concerned it’s a win/win.

Also, Buckhead Restaurant Week starts this Saturday. Standouts include Bricktops and Capital Grille – the Aria menu, per usual, fails to impress. I’m kind of pissed because about 2/3 of the restaurants participating have bumped their menus up to $35, which is uncalled for, IMO. What kind of mini-Stalin is running this show, anyway.

Sat Feb 26 thru Sun March 5 – click here for restaurants and menus

This weather is awesome, btw. I was freezing in Pakistan, which was actually a blessing because de-layering in warm weather is a non-option. Hello, rosacea.

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Here’s what’s happening in your world tonight

Posted by AllieB on January 20, 2011

Good afternoon. This weather sucks.

BUT! Treehouse has deigned to join the rest of the free world in the Groupon et al craze, and for only $8 you can get $20 worth of food and/or booze without any restrictions! Click here for the deal; it’s only available until midnight.

Thanks for throwing us a bone, Treehouse. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’ve stopped going in protest against their refusal to offer happy hour specials or Recession-friendly deals, but really – it’s about time. Maybe I should buy a few more…

I’ve grown tired of picking on Boobs Legsly, and Jessica Simpson seems to finally be heeding my advice by going out in public less, so I’ve been forced to find a new target for my celebrity ridicule. Taylor Swift…COME ON DOWN! Newsflash: your relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal was total baloney. Write your little ditty about picking apples in New York and sharing pumpkin spice lattes or whatever you need to do to mourn the loss of your fake – not to mention gay – boyfriend, get your platinum records and Grammy’s and make your millions, but for the LOVE OF GOD leave US Weekly out of it.

What the crap – how are you so boring. Just looking at you makes me want to take a nap. The only thing that could make you more boring would be doing something like not serving alcohol at your 21st birthday and having platters of cookies instead. Oh, wait…..

Girl Talk is tomorrow at the Tabernacle! If you don’t have tickets you’re probably S.O.L. unless you want to fork over $100…fortunately, I do not fall into that category, thanks to Leila, and have been accumulating glow sticks for weeks. I’ve also been preparing for my transition to Dance-Floor Allie by way of nightly stretching and some solo head banging – it’s like I’m the White Swan morphing into the Black…..except not because that would freak everyone out. DANCE PARTY!!!

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Please stop talking. Also, FREE Chick-fil-A!

Posted by AllieB on December 21, 2010

I just left a happy birthday message for my bestest Juan (happy birthday, JohnnyT!), and, as I was hanging up the phone, I noticed that the call timer was over one minute. I wondered, what on earth did I just say to him for one minute?! The answer: nothing good.

Without any kind of response or barrier, just wide open talking time, things can get really out of hand. My thoughts – which are scattered at best – come out in this mindless drivel that is tedious for the message recipient and outright embarrassing for the message leaver (me).

I recall another message I left my buddy Miguel (strange that the two people I have thus far mentioned have names that are easily translated to Spanish – even stranger that, come to think of it, I actually took Spanish with each of these individuals…) pertaining to a lunch date.

“Michael, it’s Allie. I am calling in reference to our lunch date. I was thinking we might go to Jalisco because it is my favorite place to have Mexican food. We should absolutely get a cheese dip, and I will probably act like I am deciding between a beef soft taco and a cheese quesadilla, but I will ultimately end up ordering both. I hope you call me back before 11 because I am very hungry and you know what happens when I get hungry – my blood sugar drops and I get really cranky. I should probably have a snack now, just in case you don’t call me back before 11. I wonder what I’ll have…maybe some peanut butter crackers…”

And that’s just the part I remember. Ew, it’s even worse seeing it written out like that. Oh GOD what if these people are READING their voicemails via iPhone/Blackberry app or Google Voice?! I’m cringing as I type. The lesson here is clear: after four rings – five, max – hang up the phone.

I went to my first White Elephant Christmas party/gift exchange last night, hosted by Talbott and attended by ten or so. I’m still not entirely sure I understand the premise. Everyone brings an elaborately wrapped gift – I suppose the point is that you want people to choose your gift –  but then people can opt to steal the gift you’ve chosen or open their own gift…and then the person whose gift gets stolen is then given the opportunity to steal another’s gift. Oh. I guess I do get it. Perhaps I’m just not that thrilled with the whole deal because someone STOLE my gift. To the grinch who yanked my bottle o’ red and grapefruit hand cream from Woo: I am not happy.

Lastly – you’re welcome (credit: MPvZB)

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My Favorite Week of Food (One of Several)

Posted by AllieB on August 24, 2010

I love to go out to eat, but my austerity budget doesn’t leave much extra kashmonay for such frivolities. Options in my price range tend to consist of Willy’s, Fellini’s, and ramen. Enter: RESTAURANT WEEK!! These wallet-friendly food holidays are the highlights of my year, and I’m very excited.

This year, Midtown Restaurant Week is September 4, 2010 thru September 12, 2010, and, with 27 participants, offers a greater selection of any other restaurant week to date. JTomm, K, A and I enjoyed a lovely meal at Pacci last fall, topped off with a dessert tray that I won’t soon forget.

I’ll have to wait until the menus are posted before making a final decision, but my current front runners are:

The full list is posted on Open Table.

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One Stop Shop

Posted by AllieB on July 21, 2010

This Groupon et al craze is like the greatest thing ever, and with new sites popping up daily, it seems,  it’s  hard to keep track of what all is out there.

Enter The Deal Map.

This nifty site lists all of the daily deals from all of the various websites – Groupon, DailyThread, several I’ve never even heard of…anyway, it sends you a single email about what’s going on, and you can specify as to what sort of deals you’re interested in: restaurants, health and beauty, automotive…etc.

It’s always good to streamline, IMO.

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