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Well, I’ll be…

Posted by AllieB on November 11, 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow – a jack of all trades: actress, singer, blogger, mother… Honestly, she seems like she’d be really, really boring to actually hang out with, but I thought she was great at the CMA’s last night!

I still think Goop is the most condescendingly superior piece of crap ever, but I nevertheless appreciate her skillz in other arenas – stick to the performing arts, Gwynnie, no one needs your homemade ricotta recipes or thoughts on Mary Magdalene…

Thursday! Or my Friday, actually, as I am taking the day off tomorrow for no other reason other than that I feel like it. Also, I have excess vacay days, and the holidays are always really busy around l’office, so I figure I better take what I can get.

As a longtime devotee of the Today Show, I am therefore subjected to our local 11 Alive news station as well. I still miss Flip Spiceland, but I have become a fan of Chesley McNeil – he’s a total nerd but in a very endearing way. Anyway, they give each daily forecast a rating using the Wizometer, which rates the weather on a scale of 1 – 11. On this day, on 11/11, Chesley gave today’s weather an 11. The 11 Alive weatherman gave today, 11/11, an 11. The mind reels.

I really do love Thursdays.

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Wishlist: Things I need

Posted by AllieB on October 7, 2010

Fall has arrived, and everyone is talking about various things they need. Sister needs velvet shorts. Allison needs a one-shoulder Alexander Wang dress that barely makes sense (but I adore it, too). Hilary needed fringe boots  (I need those as well, but in black). And I also think I might need a pair of sequined shorts.

So far, my one big purchase for the fall has been my new J Brand Lovestory jeans – and I know, they’ve been around forever, duh Allie, but these are awesomer than the average pair because they are a lightweight material thus more comfortable, and, IMO, more flattering. Seriously, go try some on – your caboose will have never looked better.

In addition to these obvious life necessities, I am in need of some other items as well:

  1. A waterproof cover for my smart phone device. I got a brand new cell piece back in August, and after only two days in my possession my omnipresent water bottle leaked in my purse during a work breakfast at J. Christopher’s (overrated), and the phone was saturated. Devastated, I hastily disassembled it and google’d how to best handle the situation. I submerged the phone in rice for two days, and voilà! It turned on and worked fine. But then the exact same thing happened last Friday while I enjoyed an innocent happy hour at Bluepoint with my parents. (I highly recommend the Friday happy hours at Bluepointe – they have a wide selection of liquor drinks and wines for $5 and then a substantial menu of small plates for $7 and under.) Needless to say, I wasn’t so lucky the second time, and I’ve been phoneless for six days. I barely know any of my friends anymore. I’ve resorted to landlines and smoke signals – it sucks.
  2. A yacht like the one my nearest and dearest, Amy, cruised the Adriatic in. 

Rachel: Pam! Oh God okay, just imagine this, “The Pam.”

Mr. Bowmont: I don’t think she’d like that.

Rachel: Okay, uh-uh imagine this, “The Mr. Bowmont.”

Mr. Bowmont: I don’t think so dear.

Rachel: Okay look, let me paint you a little picture. All right, you are settin’ sail up the Hudson! You’ve got the wind in your h – aaaarms…

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Breath of fresh air

Posted by AllieB on September 27, 2010

Those who don’t live in ATL wrongly assume that we go from disgusting, humid, suffocating summers straight into bleak, snowless winters, and, while, yes, those are accurate descriptions for those two seasons, the spring and the fall in Atlanta actually happen to be quite glorious.

Finally, after what was definitely the longest, stickiest, most oppressively hot summer that I can remember, fall has arrived…!

courtesy of via Henrietta Edge

Fall Favorites:

  • football (of the Falcon variety)
  • pretty leaves
  • outdoor AWD’s (a perennial favorite, it seems)
  • outdoor yogs (minus the allergies)
  • breaking out non-black items in my wardrobe, as fear of sweating thru clothing has decreased significantly

Seriously, thank you for sharing this, Sister. Monday Mania – you are dismissed.

I really phoned this one in.

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