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If I had a million dollars…

Posted by AllieB on November 29, 2010

First, I’m so glad that the days of the Barenaked Ladies are days of yore.

Second, by “a million dollars” I mean “a hundred dollars” and, as it were, I do! I spent Saturday evening in Newnan, The City of Homes – or, according to Skin, The City of Magic (?) – and it was lovely. In addition to the company, setting, and food, the evening was made even better by the truly unprecedented event of me winning a raffle/bet/pool situation when I happened to have chosen the right square in a grid of 100, winning me one hundred dollars…a C-Note…a Benjamin…etc.

An extra $100 is also an extremely uncommon happening in my life, and I’ve been deciding what to do with this unexpected windfall…I have several arrears that need to be relieved, but that’s no fun and is what normal payday is for, so no – and same goes for savings. I’m going to buy something fun for moi:

The Short List:

  1. Christmas tree for my casa – this is a definite
  2. A wreath – also a non-option
  3. Lights for decorating tree and windows – thanks for sharing, Mom and Dad (read: free)
  4. Christmas presents
  5. I’m pretty sure I’ve run out of money…

Sigh. $100 really doesn’t go all that far, does it? No, it does not.

In addition to this excitement, I did three things this past weekend that I would highly recommend.

  • I saw Harry Potter and found it to be the best one yet; I cannot wait for the second installment. Dobby….!!!!
  • Enjoyed lunch at Horseradish Grill. The Baxter Fam has been enjoying meals there since before it was even there – it used to be The Red Barn Inn. It was a red barn that served steak. Anyway, we’ve continued our faithful patronage through the years and it’s one of my favorite spots. Lunch on Friday was no exception. I ordered the Turkey Club on HF sourdough with a side of grits, but I was having extreme order anxiety about all the things that I wasn’t getting to have, so I encouraged to Jordan to get onion rings, Stanton got the She-Crab Soup, and I assembled a delicious and rather substantial doggy-bag using everyone’s leftovers: shrimp and grits, mac n cheese…so, at the end of the day, I wound up with a nice sampling of the whole menu. Mission: accomplished.
  • The Dali Exhibit at the High. Go, but don’t go on the Friday following a major national holiday when most people do not work and are trying to think of ways to entertain their out of town visitors. The body odor, frankly, is what I remember most about the experience. I think my favorite part was holing up in the gift shop with a book entitled Paintings That Changed the World. I am, after all, an art historian…the exhibit itself was expansive and provided a very comprehensive look at the life and art of Dali – I hope to return on a less crowded, less pungent day.

Merry Mehday!

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Turkey Dizzle

Posted by AllieB on November 23, 2010

I think I’m pretty much maxed out in the arena of giving thanks – at least re: the blogosphere, so instead of going on and on about perspective and how lucky we are and blah blah, I’m going to talk about something else.

Let’s see…

After much research and consideration about what to contribute to the Baxter Fam T-Giving feast, I’ve decided to stick to the age-old adage KISS and will be serving the following hors d’oeuvre. It’s beyond delicious (credit: Paula Deen by way of Boss Lady) and so super healthy….

Sugar and Nut Glazed Brie


1/4 cup packed brown sugar

1/4 cup chopped macadamia nuts or pecans

1 tablespoon brandy

1 (14-ounce) round brie

Apple wedges, for serving

Pear wedges, for serving

2 to 3 tablespoons lemon juice

Crackers, for serving


In a small bowl stir together the sugar, nuts, and brandy. Cover and chill for at least 24 hours or up to 1 week.

Preheat oven to 500 degrees F.

Place the brie on an ovenproof platter or pie plate. Bake for 4 or 5 minutes or until the brie is slightly softened. Spread the sugar mixture in an even layer on top of the warm brie and bake for 2 to 3 minutes longer, or until the sugar melts. Brush the fruit wedges with lemon juice and arrange them around 1 side of the brie. Place crackers around the other side.

I feel confident I can handle this. Two years ago I managed to ruin microwave green beans, and last year I spent approximately five hours slaving over a dish that was allegedly “easy” and only took “30 mins prep time.” Psssh. Holy crap that looks really tasty.

For how much I go on about it in real life, I feel I don’t give Trader Joe’s enough credit on this thing. From the wine to the produce to the veggie chips to the AMAZING Parmesan Pastry Puffs, there is nothing I don’t love about TJ’s. Last night I made my thrice-weekly sojourn to my local market, and I would just like to say thank you to the gentleman who checked me out: “Alexandra,” he said, as he looked at my I.D., “you’re doing okay for yourself – you still look like you’re about 17.” It may or may not have had something to do with my message tee and side-pony braid, but whatevs – I’ll take what I can get. (Note: PEARL! Sorry I’m not sorry.)

ha. hahaha.

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He’ll do.

Posted by AllieB on November 22, 2010

I like celeb news to the point of obsession as much as the next person, but this Prince William and Kate Middleton engagement is quickly becoming a real interest of mine. There’s been talk of an intervention, but I think that’s way too premature – my fascination with all things Kate and wondering what her wedding dress is going to look like and trying to channel her in my everyday life is completely under control.

That said, I’ve decided that maybe I, too, should become engaged to a Prince. I found this blog about the most eligible bachelors in the world, and I’ve zeroed in on Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden. He loves racing cars and studied graphic design at RISD. And he’s hot. Helloooooo, Prince Carl! <shoulder dip, head toss>

source: Glo

Plus, not only have I read all three books in the Stieg Larsson trilogy, but I’ve also gotten really into the Swedish-made films, so Carl and I would totally have a ton to talk about…this is really coming together nicely…! Princess Alexandra. Loves it.

Ok, fine.

Dennis: As a matter of fact I’m starting to think think we need to intervene on you for your illiteracy.

Dee: Yeah, Charlie, you are getting real dumb.

Charlie: Come on, alright, this is what I’m talking about. Illiteracy. You know, what does that word even mean?

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Make Someone Uncomfortable Day

Posted by AllieB on November 18, 2010

Fortunately, this is real. Tomorrow, November 19, is the 3rd Annual Make Someone Uncomfortable Day. I’m writing about it today so we all have time to prepare for what awkwardness we might inflict upon our nearest and dearest. There are many people I know whose sheer existence on the planet makes me uncomfortable, so they’re all set – for those of us with slightly more adroit social skillz, here are some ideas from the Facebook page devoted to this noteworthy occasion…(source:, credit: Leila)

It seems that people are posting how they plan to celebrate MSUD on this FB page. The first one I saw distresses me greatly.

I’m going to breastfeed in public:-)

Unless it is Apocalypse Day, that is unacceptable.  Pardon my tirade, but BREAST FEEDING IN PUBLIC IS NOT, NOR WILL IT EVER BE, OKAY. I do not understand why people do not understand this. Sorry – next:

this is funny because tomorrow is also diversity day at our school

Ok, that made me feel uncomfortable….

when you go grocery shopping, instead of shopping from the shelves, start shopping from other peoples shopping carts while they are looking on the shelves. make sure you are in a busy aisle with people looking…

That’s actually kind of funny, and it also goes along nicely with my Grocery Store Shame.

If I had an extra $5k to drop, I would buy this large structured fur headdress because it obviously makes people uncomfortable – both wearer and viewer, apparently. I seriously have not stopped laughing since Bailey sent it to me earlier. What the WHAT is that thing!?


ATTN: Mary Cath – given your low threshold for awkwardness, perhaps you should consider staying home. Pal – you could probably be the face of Make Someone Uncomfortable Day – I’ll see if I can nominate you or something. Buff – if you’re looking for an idea as to how you might make people feel awkward, consider doing a split in public; it worked like a charm last Saturday. Leila – it is fitting on many, many levels that you are the one who informed us of MSUD. Thank you for being you.

BOLO for bumbling, bungling encounters…!

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Mind Your P’s and Q’s

Posted by AllieB on November 17, 2010

I’ll be the first one to say it – my manners are not impeccable. No need to expound further, but my day to day behavior, particularly at the dinner table, leaves much to be desired. Obviously, when in a more formal setting I am perfectly capable of being the consummate dining companion, not unlike a princess, even (damn you Kate Middleton), it’s just not my default…

Anyway, regardless of my own flaws, I am easily irked by the inappropriate/unacceptable manners of others. Here are things I do not prefer:

  • Smacking. I know – pot, kettle, black – but I’ve gotten lots better and am now truly disgusted by those who do. As a babysitter, I feel it is important to correct the errant ways of children and did so just the other evening. Grace, a precocious seven-year-old girl, was smacking her food so loudly that I had to speak sternly to her about how unattractive it was and that she really ought to stop. She looked at me squarely in the eye and spoke sternly to me about saying “like, yeah” so much – “you don’t sound like you know what you’re talking about,” she said. I then suggested we call it a draw; she agreed, and we shook on it. Touché. Me and Dee Reynolds – shaping the minds of America’s Youth.
  • Slouching. Sit up straight – you’ll look five pounds thinner. If that’s not reason enough, then I can’t help you.
  • To the waiter who wants to bond with the table and goes so far as to scoot into the booth: please don’t. I’m all about building rapport, but if we wanted to sit with you at dinner we would have invited you to join us at dinner. I find it very unsettling to suddenly be touching thighs with a stranger as they take my order…it happened at Tavern 99, and the waiter in question was adorned in the never-not-classy Sexy Referee Uniform. Boundaries.
  • Slurping. Akin to smacking, this is a wholly unappetizing thing to do at the table. I’m starting to feel a bit like Seinfeld…
  • Eating wings in public (Pants, Billy, Dallas, BP – I’m talkin to you).

I think one of my New Year’s Resolutions will be to adjust my behavior to that of a princess every day, formal occasion or no. I bet menfolk will find that more appealing, not to mention the friends and family with whom I frequently enjoy meals.

Dear Mom,

This Thanksgiving I promise to do none of the above.

Your loving daughter,

(Princess) Alexandra

(Source: whatupwithtthat)

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