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Here. Read this.

Posted by AllieB on July 22, 2011

In lieu of putting forth any effort, I share with you a collection of interesting things I found on the interweb.

A not entirely inaccurate depiction of how the sexes handle break ups. Plus, I really like Leighton’s flat face. And I’m practicing my head toss – if I can get half as good as the girl in the last one, I’ll be doing okay. Now THAT is breezy.

The 50 most delicious foods in the world. Much to my surprise, I didn’t really have any opposition to this list. Some things are kind of broad – i.e., “tacos – Mexico” and they definitely phoned it in with “ice cream – United States” but Thai food gets the credit it deserves…WAIT I don’t think cheesesteaks are on there. I OBJECT.

These are particularly helpful to those of you who live in cities where you actually walk around in the city: how to deal with those pesky construction workers and their leering remarks. I like, LET ME TRY ON YOUR HAT!”

A Mother’s Prayer – by Tina Fey. Tina Fey is really funny all of the time. OMG which remiiiinds me – VH1 is constantly airing “Best of SNL” specials, and they have one about the time post 9/11 and what it was like to do the show and how they handled the sensitive subject matter…anyway, I watched it with Leila the other night and it’s awesome. I cannot find the name of the episode online, which suggests that the internet is broken, but you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it. Record it.

Ok, this guy is batsh*t bonkers. (Credit: FM)

The only way to watch Inception…they make a good point.

This book makes me look forward to being a parent. Not because I love dropping the F bomb and hope my child’s first word is that word -I don’t think I’d actually read this to my child – but it tells it like it is. Like would you PLEASE JUST GO TO SLEEP…ok and this is even better – here is Samuel L. Jackson reading it.

Drinking whilst exercising! Exercising whilst drinking! Germany may not have gotten everything right, but they nailed this.

Lastly…do nothing for two minutes.

Happy WEEKEND!!!

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Posted by AllieB on July 15, 2011


 Group dive. Credit: Pants/Leila

 Missy’s surgery went fine. However, due to her inability to not scratch herself -even with the huge cone (too pathetic to share) – she had to be taken back to the vet and have her legs bound. Thank goodness she’s prescribed to Xanax – this is manic.

Allie – Sister – Allie again


Remember Hey Dude?? I always liked Brad better than Melody. I think it’s because we both have brown hair and Melody was such a pansy and Brad was much cooler. I was also watching Hey Dude at the height of my tom boy phase – like, I only answered to Alex and wore sweatpants exclusively. Hot stuff! (Credit: Julia)

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I’m so happy

Posted by AllieB on July 8, 2011

J Simps has come out with a new fragrance. It’s called: I Fancy You.

I am not kidding, that’s what it is called. I imagine hundreds of conversations, worldwide, following a similar script:

That’s an interesting perfume…. What’s the name of it? (So I know what NOT to buy)

“I Fancy You.”

Er, well, that’s nice – but I really just wanted to know what the name is of the perfume you’re wearing.

“I Fancy You.”

FINE nevermind.

It’s just awkward.

Here a few distractions to mediate the agony of a Friday afternoon in the workplace:

I’ll be back on Monday, so you can kiss the half-ass posts siyonara…


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Friday Flyer

Posted by AllieB on June 24, 2011

Clark Howard has a program on his daily talk show on Fridays called the Friday Flyer. As I’ve mentioned before,I love all things Clark Howard, so I’m going to have one too. Last week I talked about Yacht Week and how I wanted to go (incidentally, yet another person with whom I am acquainted is now going and they’ll be on the Southern Croatian route – hint: it’s not me :|), and this week I share with you a collection of roof top bars across the world. I’ve actually been to one of them, which is why I’m even talking about it – sometimes I have to one-up myself to bolster my spirits.

Drinks on patios are my favorite thing, but drinks on a patio that is on a roof with a dramatic cityscape is really my favorite thing – case in point: The Sky Bar in Bangkok. It’s on the 64th floor of the second tallest building in the city. Kewl, right? That one in Madrid looks awesome, too….traveling is my favorite.

Here are some interesting facts with which to dazzle a member of the opposite sex this weekend – forget cheesy pick-up lines, drop a truth bomb of truth and I bet you’ll get way further:

  • A sneeze travels out your mouth at over 100 m.p.h. – upon saying this, I think it would be funny to sneeze
  • A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue – ew
  • Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying – I wonder if that’s really true?
  • Whoever you were trying to talk to has definitely walked away by now. But at least you’re smarter than you were a second ago.

Titillating conversation starters, all of those.

While it wasn’t the Sky Bar in BKK, the vista from Kramerica’s patio last night was pretty dec…as was my carne asada taco from Tex’s Tacos. I try to have at least one/week, and they get better every time. So do the lime chips. And the guac.

courtesy: Leila Ann’s iPhone…….

Happy weekend, Friendsicles*

*I borrowed this from the QT email that blew up the internet yesterday…most ridiculous story eva. That’s pretty much the only part of the email I can reference.

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Wishful thinking

Posted by AllieB on June 17, 2011

It’s summer, ergo I have it in my head that I ought to be going on some kind of awesome trip. Summer = vacation. I’ve got some trips lined up, all of which I’m very excited about, but there’s nothing on the books akin to the Chateau, and I’m kind of bummed. Yacht Week is also not on my agenda, and I’m pretty upset about that, too. A friend of mine is going and doing the Southern Croatian route. I love all boats; Croatia is on my top 10 list; it is literally my dream vacation.

Yeah, that’s not going to be any fun at all.

I guess I did go to Pakistan in February…but that was a mission trip where I was doing totally selfless deeds the entire time, without a single self-serving thought crossing my mind…so it hardly counts. PLUS Osama was there while I was, and that made it just plain dangerous.

Whatever. Maybe next year.



I get about an F- for effort today.


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