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A lesson in dysfunctionality

Posted by AllieB on March 14, 2011

There’s fashion forward, and then there are pant boots (henceforth to be known as Poots).  In the same vein of the Teva Stiletto, Paris fashion house Hermès has created a hybrid of two things that need not be conjoined. Just like I do not wish to wear a stiletto sandal with the look and feel of a Teva, I think I’ll pass on pants made of leather with a high heeled platform boot attached the bottom.


For me, that I might ever don an article of clothing (well, clothing + footwear) whose name is a synonym to the word fart is a non-option. I bet that leather is really soft though…I guess, if it came to it and I absolutely had to have some Poots, it would be nice to have my rear end, legs, and feet ensconced in Poots by Hermès. Thanks, Mom, for leaving the WSJ article on my place mat – you are right; it did interest me.

Speaking of dysfunctional, the finale of the Bachelor is tonight. Neato. There’ve been what – 15 seasons of this show, 21 counting The Bachelorette, and ONE successful, longterm marriage? From where I’m sitting, it seems that the odds – they aren’t good. The whole premise of this show is just weird and contrived and abnormal, not to mention rife with infidelity…just sayin – it’s all pretty questionable. I’ll be watching last night’s episode of Shameless.

5 Responses to “A lesson in dysfunctionality”

  1. Pants said

    I guess I’ll just take this time to be relieved that my nickname is Pants, not Poots.

  2. Can I please go home and change? said

    Oops, and I thought you had been ENDORSING the Teva stiletto….. This is awkward.

  3. Pal said

    Can you give someone a wedgie if they are wearing Poots? Or do the boots prevent it?

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