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Buckhead Betty Meets Holly Hamptons

Posted by AllieB on October 17, 2013

What up!

I never got around to this last summer, so I’d like to take a minute and discuss a place of which I’ve grown quite fond. The Hamptons, to me at least, always seemed like a surreal, self-contained world of glamour and glitz and the sporadic sensational murder (credit: Revenge), and, while this wasn’t an entirely inaccurate perception, it’s not what I’m talking about – I hate glitz and murder is messy. It turns out, amid all that silliness, there are beautiful, pristine beaches and towny dive bars situated on the most picturesque real estate imaginable.

The off-season, obviously, is the ideal time to avoid the fracas, but you really just have to know where to go. This summer E Rock, Moo, Flembot, CammyCakes and I enjoyed a lovely meal and substantial servings of rose at Surf Lodge – there is a lot going on at Surf Lodge. I totally get why: the setting is perfect, the restaurant is beautiful, the people watching is entertaining…but when we maxed out on pink wine and folks in ridiculous sunglasses, we headed up the hill to Montauket, an old bed and breakfast. While I do not recommend staying or eating there, I implore you to go to this place for a Budweiser at sunset. Our tenure on this overlook was perhaps my favorite part of the entire weekend. The Hamptons, when you’re not sweating your face off in Talkhouse, or sitting in miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic, is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. For lack of better or more accurate phrase: it’s almost magical. ZERO Filters. None, nada.




sunset over Montauket


Main Beach – East Hampton

photo 2

Montauk Point

Montauk lighthouse

Montauk lighthouse

Too mas? I exercised a great deal of discretion; I wanted to share way more than that. I’m telling you…it’s magical. And this isn’t totally out of left field – I spent last weekend out there. Gimme a house on Lily Pond Lane and a Jeep Wagoneer and I’ll never ask for anything ever again. Except maybe a new watch because I smashed the face on mine.

Now that I am 30 (say it loud, say it proud!), I am very conscientious about skin maintenance. Lotions, serums, facials – it’s an expensive venture, but I want preserve my fresh-faced youthfulness for as long as possible. I’ve got a few tricks in my arsenal, but I can assure you that were you to ask, “what is your skincare regimen?” at no point in the step-by-step procedure would I say, “and then I put a bra on my face.”

This is a face bra.

This is a face bra.

The Japan Shop invented it in a bid to combat smile lines and prevent premature ageing.

I am pretty skeptical about this facial bustier. Maybe wear a hat and buy some La Mer instead.

CitiBikes launched in NY last spring, and they’ve become crazy popular. With hundreds of docking stations around the city, it’s an incredibly easy and fun (?) way to get around while avoiding the stuffiness of the subway and the mania of the fraffic. Now that it’s finally about to get cold, I decided it was a good time to sign up for an annual membership. My timing is typical – I know this – but I’m so excited!! There are three stations within .03 miles of my front door. People will wonder: “Where’s Allie?” and someone will answer “Allie? She’ll be here soon, she’s riding her bike.” Honestly, I will use it all the time to zip between my ‘hood and the West Vill and over to the east side. I only have to use it 10 times to get my money’s worth – I can manage that over the next 365 days. I am not going to be a bike commuter: 1. it’s too far 2. helmet hair 3. red-faced Allie should never meet Corporate Allie. Jordan/Mom, I promise I’ll get a helmet.

bday Sister and I rode them in June. I was a total pansy at first, but I got the hang of it – just look at that breeziness. A&K – bring your biking gear!

On a serious note, thank you all so much for your kind words about the loss of our beloved Missy. A lot of people had their own favorite Missy memories, and it was very special to have some of you share. I know she’s up in doggy heaven, eating all the fancy cheese she wants and playing fetch in the heaven-equivalent of the Chattahoochee. I imagine it’s much cleaner where she is.

Happy 17th day of October. Do you have your Halloween costume yet?!? I’m looking at you, Casey Wa-wa.

princess wa wa

That’s a high quality picture. Man, I really miss my Blackberry.

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Stranger’s Day

Posted by AllieB on August 24, 2011

In the same vein of what I think we can all agree is one of the more brilliant holidays – Make Someone Uncomfortable Day (it goes Christmas > my birthday > MSUD > T-Giving) – I bring you the under-publicized, under-valued, and certainly under-celebrated: Stranger’s Day.

The point of Stranger’s Day, from what I can gather (I’ve been doing some goog’ing, and it seems that SD hasn’t really taken off – YET), is to share garbage valuable and cherished items with someone you do not know. It’s almost like doing a Random Act of Kindness, if you think about it. I’m not sure how you go about actually sharing said item, so for now we’ll keep it viral – i.e., photo sharing via the interweb. Bob Mankoff, author of this article from the New Yorker, has shared some things that he might like to share with a stranger, including but not limited to:

Another flea market find I’d like to share with you, dear Stranger.

That shiz is creepy. I am still unpacking my apartment (BAXTER, finish the drill), and I’ve come across an assortment of items I think I will share in honor of Stranger’s Day, including but not limited to:

Here you will find some items great for any home: a bedraggled poster from a food festival I attended eight ago as well as a piece of original art by moi. Value: priceless.

You are welcome, Stranger.

This veritable smorgasboard is just plain useful. From top left: a lei for your wrist or ankle, an only slightly used, fragrance-free candle, a wallet for your shoe, and Happy Birthday!

That is the ugliest f-ing candle I have ever seen. I’m embarrassed that it’s even in my possession.

Sorry for that one, Stranger.

Here, Stranger: my friends and family can be your friends and family, too.

That is a particularly nice headshot of JBax on the lower left – treasure that one.

Stranger, here is a New York notepad (gifted to me by MCL, I believe) that is not only useful, but is also imparting some wisdom that I some borderline illiterate idiot scribbled on it…

Someone’s getting lucky today, these are some hot ticket items…I recommend browsing your desk drawer at work, or that basket where all the crap goes that you don’t want to look at – one person’s trash is truly another person’s treasure.

There was an earthquake yesterday on the East Coast – people are making light of it, but really? Have you seen the devastation – the horror??

Seriously, you need to be eating Eggo nutri-grain waffles. They are the bomb.

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Not for the faint of heart

Posted by AllieB on May 3, 2011


I’ve been trying to spice up my workout regimen because I hate working out, and everyone knows that variety is the spice of life, so… what I’m saying is that I’ve been doing some new stuff.

Enter: spinning. Spinning is basically a lesson in masochism. My mom and I tried out a new class at the gym, and it was the first time for both of us. The class ended just as our usual Monday class, Body Pump, was getting started, and everyone stared at us – partly in sympathy but mostly in sheer horror- one person remarked that it looked like we’d beaten each other up. It was really, really hard. I’m going to go back on Wednesday; spinning is my Everest. And CharBax: you’re nuts. NUTS. I always thought you were loco with your 100 mile bike rides, but now I think you’re totally mental (and I mean that in an awe-struck kind of way).

Well, this is fortuitous timing – spotted on my favorite blog about random crap

I like where their head’s at, but, to be honest, biking + booze don’t really mix. The only thing I’d bring to spinning besides water is a restorative electrolyte enhanced fruity beverage and a towel, not to mention that you really can get arrested for Cycling Under the Influence (CUI). BBT says: A for Effort, F for Fail.

Ok, now I’m laughing – first the Teva Stilettos, then the Poots, and now….these (also from Hairpin).

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Prada boutique for this season’s must-have: $1,500 Mary Janes with the leg already built in! Didn’t shave your legs? Not to worry – this Mary Jane boot (MaJoot?) is the answer to your unsightly hairiness. These are the least alluring leg adornments ever, IMO – you’d be better off in nude hose and no one is EVER better off in nude hose. BBT says: do not want.

Friendly reminder: Mother’s Day is on Sunday!!! Luv u, Mom :)

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