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Struggleville Shrimp

Posted by AllieB on September 26, 2011

I am having a blog-related identity crisis. Whenever people ask me what my blog is about, the answer with which I usually respond is, “nothing.” Now there’s a glowing recommendation. Please, everyone, read my blog about absolutely nothing! For this reason, I think I might take some time and figure out what Baxter Bark Twice is all about. I’m not eschewing BBT altogether – I mean, there’s some good stuff here – but I need some direction.

Mel: I’d like to see you have a little direction.
Cher: I have direction!
Josh: Yeah, towards the mall.

Cher and I are totes on the same page…

Meanwhile, here’s what I think about some stuff:

READ: Girls in White Dresses. If you are a dude, skip to the next item. This book is about 20-30 year olds in New York City just doing stuff that normal people of that age do. It’s funny and relevant and a legit page turner. It’s kind of a fresh take on the whole Everyone I Know Is Getting Married thing, but it also talks about first jobs, first homes, first loves, and my soul mate this guy who is very wealthy, suffers from a severe case of OCD and, once a week, cooks up a box of Kraft mac n’ cheese and eats it straight from the pan, mauling it like a lion might its prey. It’s not quite as strange when read in context. This is a quick and easy yet somehow still poignant read.

WATCH: 2 Broke Girls. It was funny. The two main characters are funny, and I think there’s great potential. Tonight @ 8:30 – CBS.

WATCH: Revenge. Ok, I’m hooked. I have no idea how this show could possibly last longer than one season, but that is fine with me so long as it’s a season full of episodes like last week’s pilot. I mean, it’s obviously trashy, but it’s filmed in the lovely setting of the Hamptons, and the main character (Rebecca from Brothers and Sisters) doesn’t annoy me that much. The story line is rife with scandal, extra-marital affairs, addiction, secrecy, blackmail, and a really cute yellow lab named Sam…basically it has all the makings of good, quality television. Wednesdays @ 10 p.m. – ABC.

DO NOT WATCH: Whitney. In a word: AWKWARD. Actually, I’ll probably watch it a couple more times before I ditch it completely, but I don’t do well with live studio audiences.

DRINK: Bleasdale Broad-Side Shiraz Cabernet Malbec. It is a blend, according to Captain Obvious, and it’s one of the more delicious reds I’ve had recently: very drinkable with any of a number of things, I’m sure – I had it with pizza. It retails for about $15 in stores, give or take, and sells for $24/bottle at Treehouse. Warning: don’t actually drink it at Treehouse because they will serve it to you piping hot and in a 3 oz glass – take it home to chill and enjoy in a more reasonably sized glass, like this one.

So, I’m a work in progress.

Over-thinking it in Atlanta,


Sidebar – re: today’s heading, do you remember the Struggleville Shrimp from Last Resort?? Good food; good times.

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Hope all is well.

Posted by AllieB on August 22, 2011

Today is not a bad Munday. I bet this is because Kim Kardashian got married on Saturday and I am just beside myself waiting for the exclusive photogs she sold to People for $2.5 million. That, or the two-part E! special for which she raked in $15 million. Kim Kardashian is a jerk, for the record – her engagement ring is 21 carats; she REGISTERED for gifts (oh really, Kim? Which place setting do you need? How about some monogrammed dish towels?); and all three of her Vera Wang dresses were a “gift.” Like I said – she’s  a jerk…a lucrative businesswoman, but a jerk nevertheless.

Lindsay Lohan, a guest to the nuptials, made the egregious error of copying Pippa Middleton’s green dress she wore to the Royal Wedding in April. FAIL. Lindsay Lohan isn’t looking doing so hot these days…I’m still convinced that a turn on Dancing with the Stars could revive her fledgling (and that’s being generous) career, but she seems oblivious to my repeated suggestions, so I’m throwing in the towel. I can only do so much.

If someone wore that white dress to my wedding, I’d pour a glass of red wine down the front without a moment’s hesitation. SO inappropriate.

Technological humor!!! BBM betwixt Boof and BBT referencing my profile photo:

Boof: Want to come to Bocado?

BBT: I do love that place. What time?

Boof: Just let me know camel?

BBT: Did you mean to say ‘camel?’

Boof: 8:30. WTF is your pic?

BBT: It’s a hippo?

Boof: No. It’s a camel.

BBT: Hippo.

Obviously a hippo. Ok, that video is actually really cute…

This week, BOLO for: a rundown of fall TV, and I have no idea what else. BOLO for awesomeness – we’ll just leave it at that. Four days til Friday!!

Dear Leila,

Hope all is well.


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You come here to me

Posted by AllieB on August 15, 2011

Hello, let’s jump right in.

I went to the PGA tournament out at Atlanta Athletic Club on Friday. It was extremely hot and extremely fun. I have a new found respect for all things golf, largely thanks to Adam Scott. WHERE HAS HE BEEN HIDING because he is one attractive Australian – AUSTRALIAN!! Geoff Baxter very kindly humored my crush and we bird-dogged him through the back nine….I am quite sure we made eye contact on more than one occasion, and I know he felt it, too – our “connection.”

Oh hai

JBax moved to NYC on Saturday and CKB and Stanton are moving to LA tomorrow. WTF! I am excited to have reason to visit these places, but I feel a little abandoned…and you know Missy isn’t happy.

Per my weekly horoscope, sorry in advance:

You’re a bit of an over-sharer this week, Gemini, so try to pay attention to the body language of your fellow conversationalists.

BOLO for social awkwardness…!

I haven’t had Tex’s in like two weeks, and I’m craving it bad. Here’s this week’s schedule. I might finally do the Howell Mill Food Truck Night Event Extravaganza – I’ve been talking about going for ages and have yet to pull the trigger. I’ll be the first to admit that BBT can be a lot of talk and not so much with the action. Carne asada: get IN my belly.

Lastly, I would like to direct your attention to the very bottom of the home page where I have – ever so helpfully – added page numbers for your browsing enjoyment. You’re welcome.

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Life’s a beach

Posted by AllieB on August 8, 2011

Oh, hey.

Lo siento por el absentia. I was busy being at the beach! I love the beach. I am meant to be in warm climates, near the water, with a nice tan. In Atlanta, I am missing one of these crucial components…and it’s not the warm climate part.

Meet and greet: Sand Cliffs, FLA! We went to Miriam’s house – it is just delightful.

Janie is the cutest.

It was about 193 degrees – contact with water was mandatory…minus the Attack of the Sea Slugs. Ew.

The Hilton House. I’m obsessed with this house. I think it is just so cool – when we were down here last spring, the landscaping was pretty sparse and it was more of an eyesore than anything – now it looks pretty badass, IMO. Once again, some truly excellent photography thanks to my Blackberry 9630.

Other highlights (from top left):

-vista from Bud and Alley’s

-pool side!! a nice reprieve from sand. I just shook out my shorts and sand came out. I’ll be covered in sand for a week, at least

Strawberry Watermelon Marg (courtesy of Lindsay)

Iced Vodka with Cucumber, Lemon, and Mint (Lindsay again)

We did a bad job with pics…this is from our last trip back in 2010, but it’ll do.

I don’t like doing photo centric posts, I’m very disoriented – I prefer to use my words.


Tex’s Tacos this week. (K! Lunch tomorrow???)

Weekly horo. (It’s still last week’s – check this afternoon)

Lastly, have you LIKED BBT ON FACEBOOK??? Do it. Do it now.

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Posted by AllieB on June 27, 2011

I don’t have a lot for you today…I could go on a diatribe about how much I hate Comcast and the fact that my cable/internet has been out for four days and that I am MISSING THE PREMIERE OF WEEDS TONIGHT as a result, but that’s no fun…oh, how original: I hate my cable provider.

I could also rant about the weather and how insane it is – that’s brand new information.

Or, mayhaps, I could regale you with how much I love the library. Due to the aforementioned cable outage, I cannot work from home and it’s wrenching everything and am thereby forced to do my work at the Buckhead Branch – my fave. Kayruh is sitting across from me. Hi, Kayruh.

As a last resort, I might throw in the intervention I had to have with myself last night re: grilled cheeses. Actually, I don’t think I will get into that…but the Duchess of Windsor certainly helped (I can’t bring myself to include the image on the post – the juxtaposition would be too unfair. It was taken earlier today – she went to see a match at Wimbledon.)

This week, BOLO for: a new page detailing BBT’s book recommendations (a page akin to the restaurant guide), a survey (my post on Friday gave me an idea…!), and some other awesomely awesome stuff.

Tex’s Tacos schedule for the week.

Your horoscope for the week.

I cannot stop listening to this song; if I’m in my car, it’s on repeat.

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