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My level of kiddingness is neg

Posted by AllieB on January 28, 2011

I need an agent.

(Credit: Hadley P)

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A BBT Exclusive: Survey of the Sexes

Posted by AllieB on January 27, 2011

Inspired by literary masterpieces such as Cosmopolitan and Maxim, I decided to do a short survey asking guys and girls what they like about each other in a very physical, on-the-surface sense. I’ve done the leg-work, I did the research, and now I have the answers…ish.

Without further ado…

  • Of the 19 males who participated, 68% are in a serious relationship, 32% are not
  • Of the 35 females, 66% are in a serious relationship, 34% are not
  • Ok, now for the good stuff

Q & A with the dudes:

Personally, I’m very pleased with the outcome of ass vs boob…to the second, I’m a bit surprised with Athletic Gear. I’d have thought that Corporate Attire would’ve been second, or perhaps Costume…shows what I know!

Lastly, here are some excerpts from the open ended statement, “I love it when my significant other/crush….”

– looks and acts particularly hot

– makes me laugh

– laughs

– answers the phone

– does something spontaneous

– Cooks gourmet meals

– Laughs

– strips

– Does pretty much anything totally unexpected.

– gets drunk and dances

– makes breakfast for me, cleans my house, does my laundry, is extremely rich, dresses up like richard simmons in bed

– doesn’t wear cardigans

If your answer is missing, that’s because it was outrageously inappropriate and I thank you very little for sharing such crassness with me. As for the ones I could include, my favorite is “doesn’t wear cardigans” because that is so random, and regarding “answers the phone” – it concerns me that this is what you love most about your significant other or crush…it doesn’t sound like things are going so well…

Q & A with the ladies:

I just realized I forgot to take my own survey. Dunce. Anyway – so, now you know: we don’t care much about your wardrobe, bank account, or abdominal region, but, unlike you, we don’t so much prefer the workout look. That’s likely because if a boy is in athletic gear, it means he probably smells like feet. Also, girls look better in spandex than guys do.

I gave girls the chance to answer the open-ended statement, “My favorite thing about my significant other/crush….” I was going to do excerpts, but they’re either redundant or ALSO much too inappropriate to share on BBT (turns out I have some pervy friends), so instead I will paraphrase what 35 females said is their favorite thing about their boo/wannabe boo and include a few noteworthy quotes:

  • he makes me laugh
  • he is considerate of me and values our relationship
  • he loves me in spite of how crazy I am
  • he is hot
  • he works really hard
  • I can embarrass myself in front of him
  • when he cooks for me
  • “his newfound love for reading”
  • “his bed-head”
  • “when he wears his glasses”

The End. I think my favorite part of this thing was reading the write-in responses, except the ones that were gross. People are weird, and some of you need to wash your mouths out with soap. I suppose that, overall, the results aren’t earth-shattering, but this wasn’t exactly the Spanish Inquisition…

Is it 5 yet? AWD’s…who’s with me??

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Meet & Greet: Sophie’s Uptown

Posted by AllieB on January 26, 2011

I love sandwiches, and I love puppies, so there’s nothing I don’t love about Sophie’s Uptown.

Located in the heart of Buckhead on Pharr Road, Sophie’s Uptown was opened by David York in memory of his rescue dog, Sophie, who passed away at age 20 in 2009. Not only are they serving up some seriously tasty food, but 25% of all profits are donated to local animal charities. That’s awesome.

I had a wonderful first experience. The nice young lady at the cash register didn’t judge me at all as I helped myself to a fourth and fifth sample of the most amazing brownie I have ever had. The lunch menu has plenty to choose from and it’s very reasonably priced; I’m enjoying a BLT right now that was only $5.25. As I left, they bade me farewell by name – I already feel like a regular.

Their baked goods – cakes, cake by the slice, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and dog treats – all look delicious; if the brownie I tasted is any indication, it all tastes as good as it looks. I will be going back very soon – possibly tomorrow. Another bonus: plenty of parking in a not outrageously congested parking lot, which is more than I can say for most Buckhead lunch spots.

Sophie’s Uptown

54 Pharr Road, Atlanta, GA 30305

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We’re not dumb!

Posted by AllieB on January 25, 2011

GREAT news: according to an article in The Atlantic, a new book by Stephen Braum, Buzz: The Science and Lore of Alcohol and Caffeine has concluded that “… alcohol does many things to the brain, one thing it clearly doesn’t do is wipe out neurons indiscriminately.” Well, I don’t know what that means, but, based on the supporting text of the aforementioned article, this guy Braum is saying that alcohol does NOT kill brain cells. Super! Those of you who’ve been blaming booze for your mental deficiencies over the years – better find a new excuse.

The article does mention lots of other bad stuff that alcohol can do – such as harming the brain’s ability to form new memories – but I pretty much quit reading after the good part. The link’s above if you’re just THAT curious to find out what maladies your lifestyle might be causing you.

On that note, I would like to mention a few of the Million Dollar Ideas pertaining to the beverage industry. I bet the people responsible for these creations are very, very smart with TONS of brain cells, but they probably can’t remember what they had for breakfast. Actually, I’m a bit worried about the guy who invented the Beer Pager (pic #3)…he might need to take it down a notch.

Meet & Greet: The Wine Rack and The Beer Belly. Bonus – worn in the winter time, the Rack and Belly could serve as an added layer of insulation against the elements (!

There is nothing more annoying than a wine spill in the purse…problem: solved.

Ok, this is overkill. I get it for your keys, but for your beverage…just go get a new one?

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A girl crush and a girl I’d like to crush

Posted by AllieB on January 24, 2011

Dear Genie in a bottle or similar,

I have three wishes for today/this afternoon. Let’s see what we can work out.

  1. I wish I looked like Minka Kelly because she looks awesome in these pics for her new movie w Leighton Meester (can’t wait to see!), and AND she is Tim Riggins’s dreamweaver on FNL. I think I would really enjoy being his dreamweaver. Heeeey, Minka. First Mila, now Minka…I guess I have a thing for long-haired brunette beauties who have weird two-syllable M-names. Minka might be kind of boring, actually, but I’m still carrying my torch for Mila.
  2. I wish that Season Two of Nurse Jackie was on Showtime OnDemand
  3. I wish that Jessica Simpson would refrain from tweeting about her fiance’s “perfect Tush.” And I really really wish that, when I goog’ed “Jessica Simpson Tush,” I hadn’t learned about a song entitled Push Your Tush that J Simps wrote for her 2006 album, An Epic Fail A Public Affair. I really hate being such a jerk when it comes to Jessica, but she really brings out the curmudgeon in me and I get very frustrated with what a dope she is. Here are some lyrics. This is embarrassing.

My head feels like it might explode…I think the last stanza really did me in. Maybe I should wish for a greater understanding when it comes to the exhausting behavior of idiot celebrities on my next wishlist. Speaking of idiot celebrities, LiLo is out and about and looking well…! Wishing you only the best, LiLo…see look – I can be nice.

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