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Is she? She is, isn’t she?

Posted by AllieB on September 29, 2011

Everyone knows that InTouch is for photographic perusal ONLY and that their news reporting is almost always erroneous, but when they say things like this – I pay attention:

Exclusive: It’s Official: Jessica Simpson IS Pregnant!

The denim and FARM incident of 2k9 will never go away. Ever. BULGE.

No one is really giving InTouch an exclusive anything (except that stupid LeAnn Rimes, maybe – she is the WORST), but I’m going with it. To quote another newsworthy source, Hollywood Reporter, “Jess has sorta looked pregnant for awhile. Now she actually is!” I can’t decide if I want her to be or not…you can’t make fun of pregnant people for being fat. Though she could really blow up – the same article also reported that she’s craving nachos dipped in chocolate, so this is promising…I guess now she’ll actually have to confirm or deny via reputable news source. BOLO!

Speaking of bulge, I have undertaken the onerous burden of attending tastings with my Mom to choose a caterer for CKB’s wedding in March. I kid, this is like my favorite activity ever. You recall The Allie Awards, yes? No one has contacted me about being the face of the Allie’s…I could even MC the next award show. Who are you wearing, you look fabulous..!! Ok, my Allie Awards need some serious updating – a lot has changed since September 2010 and there are some HIGHLY egregious errors:

Best Hot Sandwich: Publix’s Philly Cheesesteak – was I on glue? Duh, it’s Mr C’s.

Best Quesadilla: Paul’s on the Patio (you’d be surprised) – well, they took it off the menu, so that’s gone. Plus their service blows. This one’s up for grabs – thoughts???

Best Stuffed Pasta (on a budget): Trader Joe’s Portobello Mushroom Ravioli – truth.

Best Stuffed Pasta (not so much on a budget): Sotto Sotto’s Ravioli Nudi – yes.

Best Nachos: Tavern 99 – I’m humiliated that this is on BBT. I don’t even remember the food there; all I can think about are the waitresses in sexy umpire outfits. And by sexy I mean really really not. TREEHOUSE is the new winner on this one.

I have to go do some work before my third and final tasting this afternoon. And then go on a 5 or 3 mile yog. Do yourself a favor and check out Toe Pick SF today – and not just because I got a shout out (I love shout outs) but because it’s some good shiz.

 Just wanted to say hey to my gal pals. Hey!

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Too soon?

Posted by AllieB on July 11, 2011

I have a very exciting proposition for you….like, it’s huge. I realize the timing of this request is not ideal, what with that whole pesky virus issue (again – CURED)….but hey, stuff happens. Anyway, every year Creative Loafing does a very thorough, very in-depth Best of Atlanta list. They cover basically everything there is in ATL, from dive bars to best high school to BEST BLOG. I think you can see where I’m going with this…VOTE FOR BBT!!! How cool would that be to win…or even make the top 5. BBT’s not even a year old, so my aspirations are lofty, but I figure I’ve got nothing to lose – plus, BBT is the best blog in Atlanta, IMO, so it really just makes sense. It’s very easy, here’s what you do:

  1. Go to the survey page
  2. Register (unfortunately you have to sign up – it takes all of three seconds and all it asks is for your email and you can opt out of any newsletter stuff…so don’t let that hold you back)
  3. To have your answers count, you must fill in at least five categories. This, also, will take you no time at all.
  4. The “best blogger” and “best blog” categories are at the very bottom of the first page
  5. Write in “Allie Baxter” and then “Baxter Bark Twice” or, respectively

All done! You can also vote for Tex’s Tacos as the best food truck while you’re at it – that’s on page 4 – and Scout for the Home as best boutique (page 5)

Thanks in advance. BBT 4 eva!!!

It was Missy’s first beach vacation, and I’ve never seen such pure, unmitigated bliss…

Not pictured: Stanton. Photography: Stanton.

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D is for Dunce

Posted by AllieB on March 10, 2011

The following humans are clearly very special, and I’d like to acknowledge their specialness by awarding them Dunce Hats.

Meet Timothy Chapek. Timothy needed to take a shower, so he broke into someone’s house. Hilary McKenzie, owner of said home, had the gall to enter whilst Timothy was self-cleaning, causing him to panic. Tapping into his meager cache of brain cells, Timothy did the only thing he could think to do (source: NYDaily News):

“I just broke into a house and the owner came home,” Chapek told the 911 operator, in a call obtained by The Smoking Gun. “I think they have guns.”

“You broke into a house?” asked the confused operator.

“Why are you in my house taking a shower?” homeowner Hilary McKenzie can be heard asking in the background. “Who are you?”

“My name is Timothy Chapek,” Chapek told her sheepishly.

“I broke in…I already called them,” he added, when McKenzie threatened to call the police. “They’re on the phone right now.”

When people who know Timothy hear about this, they’ll probably shake their heads with disdain and mutter, “damn fool can’t even burgle a house right…” At least that’s what I would say, if I knew Timothy.

Next, I shall revisit the gold mine of fail that is girls track. I’ve shared with you before a video of girls track going awry*, and this gem is no less sensational.


I don’t even understand how that happened, but I’m glad it did.

Holy crap that is awesome.

*Sidebar: I just watched that YouTube and it’s amazing – here’s the link again, you don’t need sound. I have it embedded so it starts at the perfect time…DO IT DAMMIT. Ok bye.

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The Allie Awards

Posted by AllieB on September 21, 2010

I was reading archived articles in the Atlanta Business Chronicle online recently, and I stumbled upon a brief write-up about an event that took place in April: The Allie Awards. My interest was immediately piqued – I was already thrilled to see my name on an award that warranted mention in the ABC, but then it got even better: the award was for Best Buffet.

The Allie Awards honor the best catering companies in Atlanta, as well as other aspects of event planning – venue, tents, etc. What a perfect match for me, AllieB, line-leader at the buffet and lover of all things wrapped in bacon.

I wonder if they are looking for a spokesperson? A face of The Allies, if you will…I would be happy to attend various events in the name of research.

Or perhaps I’ll just come up with my own, more relevant categories and have The AllieB Awards. Let’s see…

  • Best Hot Sandwich: Publix’s Philly Cheesesteak
  • Best Quesadilla: Paul’s on the Patio (you’d be surprised)
  • Best Stuffed Pasta (on a budget): Trader Joe’s Portobello Mushroom Ravioli
  • Best Stuffed Pasta (not so much on a budget): Sotto Sotto’s Ravioli Nudi
  • Best Nachos: Tavern 99

clearly I am qualified to designate awards pertaining to food

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