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Here’s what’s happening in your world tonight

Posted by AllieB on January 20, 2011

Good afternoon. This weather sucks.

BUT! Treehouse has deigned to join the rest of the free world in the Groupon et al craze, and for only $8 you can get $20 worth of food and/or booze without any restrictions! Click here for the deal; it’s only available until midnight.

Thanks for throwing us a bone, Treehouse. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’ve stopped going in protest against their refusal to offer happy hour specials or Recession-friendly deals, but really – it’s about time. Maybe I should buy a few more…

I’ve grown tired of picking on Boobs Legsly, and Jessica Simpson seems to finally be heeding my advice by going out in public less, so I’ve been forced to find a new target for my celebrity ridicule. Taylor Swift…COME ON DOWN! Newsflash: your relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal was total baloney. Write your little ditty about picking apples in New York and sharing pumpkin spice lattes or whatever you need to do to mourn the loss of your fake – not to mention gay – boyfriend, get your platinum records and Grammy’s and make your millions, but for the LOVE OF GOD leave US Weekly out of it.

What the crap – how are you so boring. Just looking at you makes me want to take a nap. The only thing that could make you more boring would be doing something like not serving alcohol at your 21st birthday and having platters of cookies instead. Oh, wait…..

Girl Talk is tomorrow at the Tabernacle! If you don’t have tickets you’re probably S.O.L. unless you want to fork over $100…fortunately, I do not fall into that category, thanks to Leila, and have been accumulating glow sticks for weeks. I’ve also been preparing for my transition to Dance-Floor Allie by way of nightly stretching and some solo head banging – it’s like I’m the White Swan morphing into the Black…..except not because that would freak everyone out. DANCE PARTY!!!

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Ruminations from a Recluse

Posted by AllieB on January 12, 2011

Five things that are true about yours truly:

  1. I do not prefer icy weather
  2. I can sleep a LOT
  3. I’m pretty creative in the kitchen
  4. I’m a really good dancer
  5. Not so much with the singing

I laughed at all those people stocking up on bottled water and such at the grocery store Saturday and Sunday. Look who’s laughing now – it’s certainly not me. Anyway, I’ve had a lot of time to do nothing in the last couple of days, and allow me to share with you my new knowledge.

To those of you with Showtime, you MUST MUST MUST watch the new show, Shameless, which premiered on Sunday night. By the end of it, my jaw was literally hanging open in shock and awe – in a good way. It’s about a highly dysfunctional family in Chicago – five kids, an alcoholic father, and their convoluted lives which are instantly engaging and fascinating. It stars William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum (of whom I have not fond memories from the scariest movie of all time, Poseidon, which is about rogue waves in the North Atlantic that are basically tsunamis in the middle of the ocean), and, my favorite, Steve Howey, who was Van on Reba. The show is racy, it’s smart, its moral compass is all over the map…in essence, it’s quality TV.

With an interesting selection of food in pantry/fridge, I’ve had to get a little creative. Last night I made a simple yet delicious (and not the least bit healthy) meal of pasta with eggs for dinner. It sounds kind of redundant, but it was really, really good. The recipe describes it as the ultimate comfort food, and I’m inclined to agree. I can’t quite explain it – it doesn’t just taste like pasta with eggs, somehow the flavors merge and it is a happy time for your taste buds and tumster.

Avril and Britney both have new singles out. Avril’s What the Hell is a guilty pleasure that gets shrill after awhile; Britney’s Hold It Against Me is an electronic number that sounds like it’s already been re-mixed for da club. However, I’ve had a few dance parties to both tunes, and they each provide more than adequate beats for that.

Meet & Greet: Max. I’m staying with Max at his house this week while his parents are in Cabo. CABO. He and I feel the same way about icy weather. We’ve been challenging each other to sleep-a-thons, and it’s unclear as of yet who’s the winner…we’ve both logged in some serious zzzz’s.

Oh, really HOTlanta? Really?

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She’ll do

Posted by AllieB on December 22, 2010

I know I do a lot of hating on various female celebs on this thing – J Simps is a disaster, and don’t even get me started on ole Boobs Legsly (sorry, Joey – that’s just the way it’s going to be here at BBT), and I feel this sets forth an inaccurate representation of what I, AllieB, am really all about.

And what I am all about, it seems, is pizza, wine, library books, and Mila Kunis. I freaking love Mila Kunis. It wasn’t immediate; she used to bug the crap outta me on That 70’s Show, but that was then and this is now – and now I think she’s awesome.

Here is why I luv Mila:

  1. She is really pretty
  2. She can speak 7 languages – on one episode of Family Guy Meg, the character Mila does the voice for, randomly started speaking Ukrainian, and it was the coolest thing I’ve ever heard
  3. She seems fun/normal – in fact, we’d probably be besties were we ever to have a Meet & Greet
  4. She is, like, really pretty
  5. She dresses well – Go Fug Yourself compiled an interesting retrospective of recent outfits

Given her, um, romantical scene with Natalie Portman in Black Swan I should maybe take my affections down a notch, but it’s really just an innocent girl crush – I want to be her, not be with her…just to clarify…

This is kind of rad – Sandstorm has always been a favorite, and it gets particularly trance-y at 1:21. I hope they’re hosting late night.

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Posted by AllieB on October 18, 2010

I find Russell Brand to be completely hilarious. It’s his delivery, his off-the-wall sentiments expressed in a matter-of-fact manner, to the point where, as the listener/reader, you’re prepared to find the utter nonsense streaming from his mouth completely legitimate and normal.

Case in point (excerpts from Vulture):

  • Per an audience member’s question, he doesn’t have plans to collaborate with Tim Burton, but he’d like to. “We’d get on. We could talk about hair and Gothic fairy tales, England, whimsy, and tortured adolescence.”
  • When he met the Queen of England, he was somehow with James Blunt, “whose voice is indiscernible in my mind from a clown’s horn” and who was once also a member of the Royal Guard. “That’s not fair! They’ve got all sorts of things to talk about. Like, ‘Oh, do you remember when you used to guard me? Thanks.’ What am I going to say? ‘Oh, I’m Shagger of the Year.’ She’s smiling rather generously, but part of me knows that that is just the remaining smile from James Blunt and it’s about to crumble into a deep frown.”

Maybe it’s just me…I don’t know, I think he’s hysterical.  I also think this video of Alphonso Smith of the Detroit Lions doing the Carlton Dance is funny. It’s hardly brand new information, but it’s Monday morning, so I don’t much care if I’m on the cutting edge or not.

Last and most certainly least, Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson are splitsville. Perhaps it’s been this relationship that’s perpetuated her fugliness, and now she’s on to bigger (no pun intended) and better…! I’m definitely interested to hear her new holiday album – I like pop stars’s holiday albums the best. Read: Mariah Carey.

Oh wait, one more thing: that is ENOUGH, Taylor Momsen. I wonder if one day, many years from now, she’ll be considering a family of her own and then remember, “goshdarnit, I hope those pictures of me dressing like a gothic prostitute with a penchant for violence aren’t still floating around…”

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