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A girl crush and a girl I’d like to crush

Posted by AllieB on January 24, 2011

Dear Genie in a bottle or similar,

I have three wishes for today/this afternoon. Let’s see what we can work out.

  1. I wish I looked like Minka Kelly because she looks awesome in these pics for her new movie w Leighton Meester (can’t wait to see!), and AND she is Tim Riggins’s dreamweaver on FNL. I think I would really enjoy being his dreamweaver. Heeeey, Minka. First Mila, now Minka…I guess I have a thing for long-haired brunette beauties who have weird two-syllable M-names. Minka might be kind of boring, actually, but I’m still carrying my torch for Mila.
  2. I wish that Season Two of Nurse Jackie was on Showtime OnDemand
  3. I wish that Jessica Simpson would refrain from tweeting about her fiance’s “perfect Tush.” And I really really wish that, when I goog’ed “Jessica Simpson Tush,” I hadn’t learned about a song entitled Push Your Tush that J Simps wrote for her 2006 album, An Epic Fail A Public Affair. I really hate being such a jerk when it comes to Jessica, but she really brings out the curmudgeon in me and I get very frustrated with what a dope she is. Here are some lyrics. This is embarrassing.

My head feels like it might explode…I think the last stanza really did me in. Maybe I should wish for a greater understanding when it comes to the exhausting behavior of idiot celebrities on my next wishlist. Speaking of idiot celebrities, LiLo is out and about and looking well…! Wishing you only the best, LiLo…see look – I can be nice.

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Wishlist: Dear Santa

Posted by AllieB on December 9, 2010


It’s just not fair – every year there are more things that I need. More designers to choose from, new trends to explore, exciting new genres of gifts that I never even thought about…K opened the door to unique works of art on Etsy (I am a huge fan of this artist), and I never knew what I wanted my dream dining room table to look like until Nancy and Scout came along, and now I don’t know how I’ll be able to settle for anything less.

Clearly I am not asking for a dining room table for Christmas – I’m just sayin’ that there are things I want that I didn’t even know I wanted. In fact, I don’t even really know what I asked for for Christmas…I’m not too worried about it; Santa Baxter usually does a pretty awesome job, and there’s always lots of after-Christmas shopping to do.

Here are some of my greatest wants (needs):

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Flats from J.Crew
  2. Patterned scarf by YARNZ
  3. Framed vintage VOGUE covers
  4. Anything off the shoulder
  5. Chain-strap purse (Tory or whatever – though I do like that snake print…)
  6. AN ADORABLE BLACK LAB PUPPY (this is Hunter; we hang out sometimes)
  7. Burberry Trench
  8. Frye Boots
  9. Updated Snuggie from Brookstone (credit: Kayruh)
  10. I guess I need to see what this Lululemon nonsense is all about
  11. Everyday necklace to go with my cartouche from give a penny. designs
  12. Custom headboard from BedBoards Atlanta (or one from Scout would work, also)

Hmm, pricey. Perhaps I should add in a lucky #13: a winning lottery ticket…

Oh yeah, and #14: world peace.

“Wow, those must’ve been some cookies you made…”

“I didn’t leave him cookies…I left him cheese.”

Credit: Hilary.

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Troubleshooting: Lindsay Lohan

Posted by AllieB on December 7, 2010

Suffice it to say, Lindsay Lohan has not had the best 2k10 ever. She’s been safely tucked away in rehab since October (give or take) and is mandated to stay until 2011, but then she’s on her own again…which means to say, it’s only a matter of time before she’s back in the slamma/going on benders/wearing tights as pants, etc.

Solution! Dancing with the Stars. I can take no credit for this – the People with Kate Middleton (love you Kate!) on the cover had a blurb with their suggestions for the next DWTS group, and they chose Lindsay. But, like, DUH – it’s perfect for her! Despite her best efforts to alienate her fans, I think America is still rooting for LiLo and wants her to succeed. Ergo, they will vote for her and she will do well and all will be right in the world again…so long as she doesn’t paint expletives on her finger nails, dance a routine sans underroos, or pass out backstage.

what not to do

See – I’ve got all the answers figured out. I wonder if Lindsay still has an agent? If not, Linds, I’m at work til 530 then reachable on my cell; let’s talk shop.

The Reebok Easytone commercials – the ones with the cute little rumps just shaking back and forth while that maddening song plays – are finally getting to me and I might need to spring for a pair of those toning pants. Is that embarrassing? I’m such a sucker for advertising/airbrushing. Good grief, those things are $80!! I’ll stick with my old school Nike tights and lunges, thankyouverymuch. Orrrr, maybe I’ll add to Christmas List….

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Bookshelf Porn

Posted by AllieB on November 1, 2010

I’ve discussed my love for reading and rooms dedicated solely to books. One day I hope to have a personal library of my very own – I think I’d want one of those ladders to cruise around on. I am reminded of my Disney Character alter ego, Belle of Beauty and the Beast – we share a fondness for reading, re-reading, and book ladders…as well as a warm and loving, nonjudgmental heart, of course.

Anyway, this photo blog, Bookshelf Porn, collects images of rooms of books – stores, personal libraries, random bookshelves, and it’s awesome. I guess I should also mention that is stricly G-rated; other apt monikers could be Bookshelf Paradise, Bookshelf Haven, Bookshelf Orgy…just kidding. It’s self-described as being:

“Porn for book lovers. A photoblog collection of all the best bookshelf photos for people who *heart* bookshelves.”

Karl Lagerfield’s is the only celebrity one I’ve stumbled upon yet – it’s…thorough.

I prefer Diane von Furstenberg’s home library, which I share again below. It just emanates serenity. Having a room like this to come home to on a Manic Monday would effectively cancel out any and all mania – before long I might even come to refer to it as Mellow Monday…??

I took the one on left w my cell piece; on right from September 2005 Town & Country

Happy All Saints’ Day, and a very happy birthday to you, Penn Badgley.

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Wishlist: Things I need

Posted by AllieB on October 7, 2010

Fall has arrived, and everyone is talking about various things they need. Sister needs velvet shorts. Allison needs a one-shoulder Alexander Wang dress that barely makes sense (but I adore it, too). Hilary needed fringe boots  (I need those as well, but in black). And I also think I might need a pair of sequined shorts.

So far, my one big purchase for the fall has been my new J Brand Lovestory jeans – and I know, they’ve been around forever, duh Allie, but these are awesomer than the average pair because they are a lightweight material thus more comfortable, and, IMO, more flattering. Seriously, go try some on – your caboose will have never looked better.

In addition to these obvious life necessities, I am in need of some other items as well:

  1. A waterproof cover for my smart phone device. I got a brand new cell piece back in August, and after only two days in my possession my omnipresent water bottle leaked in my purse during a work breakfast at J. Christopher’s (overrated), and the phone was saturated. Devastated, I hastily disassembled it and google’d how to best handle the situation. I submerged the phone in rice for two days, and voilà! It turned on and worked fine. But then the exact same thing happened last Friday while I enjoyed an innocent happy hour at Bluepoint with my parents. (I highly recommend the Friday happy hours at Bluepointe – they have a wide selection of liquor drinks and wines for $5 and then a substantial menu of small plates for $7 and under.) Needless to say, I wasn’t so lucky the second time, and I’ve been phoneless for six days. I barely know any of my friends anymore. I’ve resorted to landlines and smoke signals – it sucks.
  2. A yacht like the one my nearest and dearest, Amy, cruised the Adriatic in. 

Rachel: Pam! Oh God okay, just imagine this, “The Pam.”

Mr. Bowmont: I don’t think she’d like that.

Rachel: Okay, uh-uh imagine this, “The Mr. Bowmont.”

Mr. Bowmont: I don’t think so dear.

Rachel: Okay look, let me paint you a little picture. All right, you are settin’ sail up the Hudson! You’ve got the wind in your h – aaaarms…

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