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BBT’s Big Break (credit: Tex’s Tacos)

Posted by AllieB on November 11, 2011

So, this could get interesting: this Saturday, from 12 – 2 pm at the Howell Mill Food Park (lot behind Willy’s on Howell Mill), Tex’s Tacos is being featured on the Cooking Channel’s Eat Street program. The show airs nationally every Friday at 9pm, and it’s kind of a big deal that they’re featuring our boys. The lead researcher for the program found my blog by way of Tex’s website, and they asked me if I’d like to come have a taco and share some commentary. Per the PDF call sheet I just received via email, I am going to be there as a Food Personality – ie, Mac serves me a taco and then I talk about it on camera. Mortification is sure to follow. Crowds of screaming people begging for a carne asada taco will look great on camera – come by and get one, then go watch the Dawgs kick some War Eagle booty.

Info: SATURDAY 11/12/2011, 12 – 2 pm, Howell Mill Food Park, 1927 Emery Street, Atlanta, GA 30318

Here’s the link to check out Eat Street’s dealio. Seriously, if you’re in town you have no excuse: FREE TACOS!!

I always knew I was meant to be on camera – for awhile, before I learned that my singing voice was more punishment than pleasure, I thought I belonged on Broadway. Broadway would be a total mismatch for BBT; TV is definitely the medium for which I am best suited. I am writing down specific talking points and key words so I don’t sound like a blathering idiot. We all know what happened with the HORRENDOUS interview with Clark Howard’s WSB news team back in 2k7…this will not be a repeat of that. I know a whole lot more about tacos than I do about saving money – I probably know more about astrophysics than I do about saving money. My internal filter is not always 100% trustworthy, so I’ve made note of a few phrases that I am not, under any circumstance, allowed to say:

  • “right up my alley.”
  • “chomping at the bit”
  • “hitch my wagon to their star”
  • “kick some War Eagle booty”

In fact, I think I’ll just stop saying those things altogether, TV interview or not. I hope I don’t suck so I actually make it onto the program instead of being sliced and diced onto the cutting room floor….

I saved the best for last: today is Missy Baxter’s 12th birthday. SHE IS OLD I GET IT. She’s in my living room right now taking a casual nap. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISSY!

Happy Weekend! GO DAWGS!!!

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Posted by AllieB on November 9, 2011

As many of you know from spending time with me, or from this blog post, I am never without my trusty Vaseline. Before you’re like, “EW” know that Vaseline is one of the few balms without any of those pesky additives like Carmex, which I am convinced have some sort of ingredient that makes you addicted. I am not addicted to Vaseline, I just have a very strong fondness for it. Anyway, when they came out with the small flip top size I was thrilled, but it’s still kind of bulky and boys people will look you at strangely when you whip it out in public/at a work meeting. I’d seen Tina’s convenient little pocket sized ones that her boss would bring her back from Europe, but I could not find them ANYWHERE. I even looked on the internet, and when I tried to get drugstores in the UK to ship it to me they’d say, “We’re terribly sorry, but there seems to be something wrong with your postal code. It is five digits long and it has no letters.” Well, KMA, England because – once again – Amazon has saved the day.

Available at I’ve purchased all 4.

I should probably take my love for Vaseline down a notch/less public.

I met with my interviewee at Bocado last night, and I’m getting to work on the interview write-up…it was really fun, and I’m already thinking about who’s next. Short list includes: Carlos of Irby Avenue fame; a lead singer of a famous rock band; a fashion designer; Missy Baxter.

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Do something! Or not. Whatever.

Posted by AllieB on November 8, 2011

Oh hey. Here’s what’s happening in your world today:

If you live in the great state of Georgia, today is the day to vote YES (or no) to Sunday alcohol sales. I’m sure there are lots of other things to vote on, depending upon your district, but you can research that on your own. I CAN’T DO EVERYTHING.

Conrad Murray was found guilty for involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. I do not have strong feelings either way about this, but it did serve to make my case of the Mondays a little better – there’s always a silver lining.

It’s great being so apathetic – really makes my life much easier/uncomplicated.

There’s a new addition to the BBT (extended) Family…! Meet & Greet Agnes, the adorable Wheaton puppy. She belongs to Hilary. As much Hilary makes me want to yarf up breakfast, I know little Agnes is here is going to enjoy the good life with Hilary smothering taking care of her.

From top: Agnes zonked out in her pile of toys; Agnes coming at ya; Agnes = puppy perfection

I did go the Chomp & Stomp Chili Cook-Off on Saturday. For the third consecutive year I managed to avoid any and all chili – success.

I haven’t had Tex’s Tacos in over a month and I MISS THEM. I might go to Monarch Plaza today for lunch – here’s their schedule for the week.

I’m trying a new thing on BBT this week where I’m going to interview someone and then cross-blog with them. IE, I post something on BBT and they refer to it on their blog – at least I think that’s the deal; we’ll hammer out the deets. So…BOLO for a change-up.

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Weak Sauce

Posted by AllieB on November 4, 2011

I feel like a traitor for saying this, but I am not 100% in love with the new look of Gmail…it’s too spacious or something.

Last night, amidst the rain and fraffic, I got my culture on at Huff Harrington Art Gallery. It is my favorite of all the galleries. But last night was a special Owner’s Reception for Lorraine Christie’s new show – my parents own two, I own a poorly framed poster (but I still love it). Prince Charles owns a couple and so does Eli Manning – this woman’s legit. She is also a delight to talk to in person, as my parents and I did last night. She’s from Belfast, Ireland and is very thin and very blonde and very charming.

Paris Remembered

Poet’s Walk

Love it! ALSO Huff Harrington Home is opening soon next to Lucy’s Market on W. Paces Ferry by the St. Regis…I’ll be at the opening reception next Thursday and will report back, but I know it will be fabulous and not even in the same hemisphere as my budget.

After all the culture, I got some margs over on the Westside at Bone Garden Cantina. The skeleton/Día de Muertos theme is kind of aggressive, but the Hot Chile Margarita was very tasty. In fact, I might even have to re-do my Best in Show: Margs list. I’m bumping Nava and adding Bone Garden – Nava’s make me queasy and I am skeptical as to the amount of tequila they put in there. And Treehouse is still my numero uno.

TO DO: Chomp & Stomp Chili Festival. I’ve been the last two years and it’s really fun….and I’ve never even had any chili.

Chomp & Stomp 2k10: Tina, Allie, Mims, Leigh, Lindsay. Lookin good!

OR you can check out the Butt Off. It’s at Sweetwater and for $25 you get all the beer and bbq you can handle…plus proceeds benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

With this weather it’s a win/win.

Oh yeah, I got my nails did the other day and I LOVE the color: O.P.I. Road House Blues. I saw it on Pinterest, obviously, and I think I’ll sport it thru the winter. Just FYI.


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It’s not a noodle, it is PASTA

Posted by AllieB on November 2, 2011

Prep your palettes, people, because this is gonna be a good one.

Last night, thanks to the charm and taste for truffles of Wonder Woman and Dani, I enjoyed one of the best meals of food I’ve ever had. Mirko is an Italian food chain that recently opened up in North Buckhead where Ribs, Etc used to be. I was a waitress at Ribs back in the day, btw, and was eager to check out the place that had taken over their landmark A-frame building.

Anyway, long story short, Sarah and Dani had been there a few times when Mirko, the owner and founder, took a liking to them. Sarah asked him, why is there nothing made with truffles on  your menu? Fair question – it’s an Italian restaurant, at least “truffle oil” should make an appearance, it seems. Mirko said, “Truffles! You want truffles! I make a delicious meal for you and your friends with all the truffles you want!” They held him to his promise, and, when I caught wind of the situation, immediately offered to attend. So, last night at 9:30, six girls and myself dined at the whim of Mirko.

To begin with: bread that, in the words of Laureo (who shall  henceforth be known as Lasso, you are welcome), “hugs your mouth,” wine, and an antipasti plate with two cheeses, two meats, artichokes, and olives. Delicious. I guess we didn’t get a picture of that.

Next: risotto with portabello mushrooms. Holy creamy goodness it was amazing. Then Mirko came around and shaved liberal amounts of truffles on top. I was trying to conserve stomach space and not eat the whole plate, but it was impossible because it was perfect.

Those big brown things are the truffles. Probably about $25 worth on that one plate.

He let us linger over that for awhile, then brought out the pasta: a cavatelli in cream sauce, and, again, lots of truffle shavings. When he served this, I asked him, “so what kind of noodle is this?” He looked at me like the lame, ignorant American I sounded like and responded, complete with vibrant Italian gesticulations, “IT IS NOT A NOODLE IT IS PASTA!” My b. Anyway, despite the thick cut of pasta and ostensibly heavy cream sauce, it wasn’t too rich at all. I could eat a bowl of this every day and be a happy girl. A fat girl with hardened arteries, but happy nevertheless.

At this point, my high-waisted jeans were starting to get a little distressed. Mirko could tell we needed a break, so he brought a new kind of wine (having consumed several bottles among us of some tasty Italian varietal) that he even decanted – oo la la. It was a 2003 Brunello di Montalcino, which, so far as I can tell, retails in stores for about $75, and probably twice that in restaurants. I think this goes without saying, but it was something of an improvement over my usual Trader Joe’s.

At this point Mirko and his friend, a young man who owns a dental practice in Roswell, had sat down with us. The Italians – they are very charming, no?

Next came the lamb. Regrettably, due to the carb fest I’d indulged in prior to this course, I was hardly able to eat a bite, but I could tell it was delish. There was a bed of quinoa with a potato cake made with peppers and onions then a lamb chop heavily seasoned in spices. The picture I have does not do it justice, so just use your imagination.

Last but most certainly not least: dessert. Dessert was a mixed berry tart served at a delightfully chilled temperature. Is this because it was frozen right before he served it? Mayhaps, but it was almost soothing after the hot, heavy previous courses. YUM.

Three hours after sitting down, the meal came to a close. I slept better last night than I have in ages: red wine + bread + pasta works better than any other sleep aid I’ve ever tried.

I should mention that not a single thing he served us, from start to finish, is on the menu at Mirko. So…if you go there, you will not be able to enjoy these delectable things. HOWEVER, it is still worth it. The prices are crazy reasonable – you can create your own pasta dish from 15 different kinds of pasta and 12 different sauces for under $11, and the fish and chicken entrees top out at $13. I’ve heard the Granny Apple and Sausage Ravioli is not to be missed. Oh, and their Italian house wine (always decent) is $20/liter. This place is kind of a no-brainer. What I can attest to is how perfectly everything was cooked and presented. Plus, he did a wonder on the gnarly interior that was once a rib joint.

Us + Mirko

So that happened. Should any other local restauranteurs be interested in making a delicious meal for me, I can promise you an all-star write-up like this one.

Top Chef: Texas starts tonight!!! I love Top Chef. Recent seasons have been decidedly lackluster, but I’ve got high hopes for this one.

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