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Posted by AllieB on August 25, 2011

If I was hooked up to some kind of heart monitor or similar right now, there’d be flat line – flat line -flat line – teeny tiny blip – flat line…and so on. I did BLAST 900, which I’ve always thought was something of a cult. Honestly, I think this about all exercise trends, from yoga to boot camp to core fusion to jump roping – it’s all a load of BS; if you want to get in shape, go for a run. Well, be that as it may, I’ve had a hard time getting my act together in this suffocating heat. I may as well put a sopping wet comforter in the dryer for 15 minutes, take it out, wrap it around my face, then go running – it’s the exact same thing.

Anyway, so Blast: it was hard. I feel pretty good now, but I’ve been done for over an hour. I think I blacked out – I remember lying on my mat after the last segment and then suddenly I was in my apartment gchatting. So…I guess I got home safely. If I can scrounge up the cash monay I’ll for sure go back – given my tendency towards laziness and a markedly short attention span, it’s definitely up my alley.

I wish I could say, “up my alley” without feeling like a pervert.

Candles are nice for both scent and ambiance and I have a new found obsession with having one going in every room of my house. It’s a fire hazard, mayhaps, but damn if my place doesn’t smell divine. I just got this Lucia candle from Scout for the Home, the store my BFF Nancy Duffey owns and my go-to for gifts, knick knacks, and just general hanging out when I wish to be surrounded by pretty things. I highly recommend:

It’s just lovely.

I got some other random kind of candle on clearance at Target earlier – sea salt or something…it is decidedly less lovely.

Blast 900…candles…sheesh, what have I become??

That’s better I’m terribly sorry….


I leave you with this new(ish) song from Florence + The Machine…LIKE:

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Stranger’s Day

Posted by AllieB on August 24, 2011

In the same vein of what I think we can all agree is one of the more brilliant holidays – Make Someone Uncomfortable Day (it goes Christmas > my birthday > MSUD > T-Giving) – I bring you the under-publicized, under-valued, and certainly under-celebrated: Stranger’s Day.

The point of Stranger’s Day, from what I can gather (I’ve been doing some goog’ing, and it seems that SD hasn’t really taken off – YET), is to share garbage valuable and cherished items with someone you do not know. It’s almost like doing a Random Act of Kindness, if you think about it. I’m not sure how you go about actually sharing said item, so for now we’ll keep it viral – i.e., photo sharing via the interweb. Bob Mankoff, author of this article from the New Yorker, has shared some things that he might like to share with a stranger, including but not limited to:

Another flea market find I’d like to share with you, dear Stranger.

That shiz is creepy. I am still unpacking my apartment (BAXTER, finish the drill), and I’ve come across an assortment of items I think I will share in honor of Stranger’s Day, including but not limited to:

Here you will find some items great for any home: a bedraggled poster from a food festival I attended eight ago as well as a piece of original art by moi. Value: priceless.

You are welcome, Stranger.

This veritable smorgasboard is just plain useful. From top left: a lei for your wrist or ankle, an only slightly used, fragrance-free candle, a wallet for your shoe, and Happy Birthday!

That is the ugliest f-ing candle I have ever seen. I’m embarrassed that it’s even in my possession.

Sorry for that one, Stranger.

Here, Stranger: my friends and family can be your friends and family, too.

That is a particularly nice headshot of JBax on the lower left – treasure that one.

Stranger, here is a New York notepad (gifted to me by MCL, I believe) that is not only useful, but is also imparting some wisdom that I some borderline illiterate idiot scribbled on it…

Someone’s getting lucky today, these are some hot ticket items…I recommend browsing your desk drawer at work, or that basket where all the crap goes that you don’t want to look at – one person’s trash is truly another person’s treasure.

There was an earthquake yesterday on the East Coast – people are making light of it, but really? Have you seen the devastation – the horror??

Seriously, you need to be eating Eggo nutri-grain waffles. They are the bomb.

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You’re going to want to bookmark this one

Posted by AllieB on August 23, 2011

CREDIT: Hadley P. Click here to enlarge.

This is the schedule for Fall premiers on the major networks. I know not how to spell “premiere” and it seems it’s acceptable with or without the “e.” Ok then.

I spent an afternoon watching trailers for the new tv shows recently, and there is a LOT for us to be excited about. Note to Sister, Kara, Lacy, and probably a lot of you: these are scripted television shows with sets and fictional characters and plotlines, so you may or may not be interested. For those of us with standards, continue reading:


  • Two Broke Girls: that busty girl from a bunch of movies is kind of annoying, but I laughed at the trailer…I”m sure I’ll watch it even if it’s awful
  • Up All Night: Christina Applegate is one of my top 5, and Will Arnett is weird but in an awesome way, and Maya Rudolph – when she’s not overdoing it – is great, too. IN!
  • Revenge: fiesty! And I like that actress – Rebecca from Brothers and Sisters.
  • Pan Am: I’ve never been a fan of Christina Ricci (her face is weird), but I like the premise
  • Hart of Dixie: I think this has already premiered? It wasn’t horrible
  • Charlie’s Angels: I’ll definitely try it out – I have that girl crush on Minka Kelly…

I am LIVID that Cougar Town doesn’t come back on until January 2012. WTF, ABC? KMA. Fortunately Happy Endings is making a timely return…I’m serious, that show is hilarious. Hopefully they’ll continue to minimize the roles of Elisha Cuthbert and that d-nozzle she left at the altar. His only redeeming quality is that he runs a cheesesteak food truck…I love food trucks that serve cheesesteaks.

SPEAKING of food trucks: Tex’s Tacos schedule for the week.

Did you know that Zara will be selling their clothes online as of September 7th? They are. Neat.

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Hope all is well.

Posted by AllieB on August 22, 2011

Today is not a bad Munday. I bet this is because Kim Kardashian got married on Saturday and I am just beside myself waiting for the exclusive photogs she sold to People for $2.5 million. That, or the two-part E! special for which she raked in $15 million. Kim Kardashian is a jerk, for the record – her engagement ring is 21 carats; she REGISTERED for gifts (oh really, Kim? Which place setting do you need? How about some monogrammed dish towels?); and all three of her Vera Wang dresses were a “gift.” Like I said – she’s  a jerk…a lucrative businesswoman, but a jerk nevertheless.

Lindsay Lohan, a guest to the nuptials, made the egregious error of copying Pippa Middleton’s green dress she wore to the Royal Wedding in April. FAIL. Lindsay Lohan isn’t looking doing so hot these days…I’m still convinced that a turn on Dancing with the Stars could revive her fledgling (and that’s being generous) career, but she seems oblivious to my repeated suggestions, so I’m throwing in the towel. I can only do so much.

If someone wore that white dress to my wedding, I’d pour a glass of red wine down the front without a moment’s hesitation. SO inappropriate.

Technological humor!!! BBM betwixt Boof and BBT referencing my profile photo:

Boof: Want to come to Bocado?

BBT: I do love that place. What time?

Boof: Just let me know camel?

BBT: Did you mean to say ‘camel?’

Boof: 8:30. WTF is your pic?

BBT: It’s a hippo?

Boof: No. It’s a camel.

BBT: Hippo.

Obviously a hippo. Ok, that video is actually really cute…

This week, BOLO for: a rundown of fall TV, and I have no idea what else. BOLO for awesomeness – we’ll just leave it at that. Four days til Friday!!

Dear Leila,

Hope all is well.


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It just makes good sense

Posted by AllieB on August 18, 2011

Last year, I mentioned this article that ranked college towns and had the gall to list GAINESVILLE, FL as #1 spot with Athens, GA coming in at #2. I’m fairly certain the auteur of said article now serves cheeseburgers and fortunately someone infinitely wiser, more normal, and with the ability to tell the difference between the gutter and awesome has come out with a new ranking:

  1. Athens, Georgia


People who don’t care for college football (which is frankly, unthinkable) will find a rich art and music scene in the southern haven of Athens which also offers some truly unique eateries.

Yes, REM and the B-52s got their start down in Athens, but to the pure at heart, these are just side benefits to a town of 115,000 that keeps Sanford Stadium hopping with over 92,000 screaming fans as the Bulldogs take care of business down “between the hedges” on Saturday’s in the fall.

So, do you crave just one factoid about picturesque Athens?  Well, the university (which opened at the early date of 1785) shut down from 1863-66 due to the Civil War.

Source: Ranking the 31 Coolest College Towns (credit: Miss Bambi via FB – thanks, Miss Bambi!)

Gainesville still made the list, but at a much less respectable #11 or something, and I think I’d quite like to go to Corvallis, Oregon…on that note, Char and SRM – I hope you’re having a nice time driving cross country. I believe this morning finds them in Dallas, TX, home to temperatures above 100 degrees. Safe travels!

I was chatting with Caro yesterday about food (standard), and we were ruminating over the delight that is a fried egg, cheese, eng muffin (I opted for light Havarti and a bagel round), and hot sauce sammy…I did an $83 trip to the grocery store yesterday, just like a real live adult, and purchased all of the ingredients for said treat – YUM. I just made one for breakfast, and, if I had an iphone that could do the meal justice I would’ve shared a photog – my B’berry camera makes even the most delicious meals look like vom. It was quite a day at the grocer – heretofore my biggest purchase has been $30 or so… For awhile I followed around a Hot Mom decked head to toe in Lululemon. She pondered waffles for five minutes; I pondered waffles for five minutes. For the record: frozen waffles are GOOD. BP mentioned them awhile back, and I got some whole-grain varietal that is really, really tasty. Anyway, Miss Lulu got a bit wary of my shadow-game, so I had to forge out on my own…it was a far cry from my Grocery Store Shame of yesteryear, so I think that’s really something to be proud of.

The opposite of good sense: the Today Show is currently airing a section on padded bras and high heels for toddlers. Or, “tods,” right, Katie? Wonder if you’ll be pedaling platform pumps this weekend at the Mart…I blame Toddlers & Tiaras, a show I adamantly refuse to watch. High heels on 5 year olds is something only Suri Cruise can pull off.

I posted this on the BBT FB page yesterday, but this video of Anne Hathaway doing a Lil Wayne style rap is kind of amazing. In the words of Leila: even left field did not see this coming. Obviously need sound.


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