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Why don’t you have a seat, Encyclopedia Brown

Posted by AllieB on September 7, 2011

Oh, hello. Time for some Q & A.

Are the Dawgs going to disappoint us all season?

I don’t know, but Saturday sucked. Royally. And the uniforms of both teams were eye sores – let’s keep the fashion statements off the field, shall we boys, and I won’t try to discuss a topic about which I know nothing. Next question.

Is it time for an eggtervention?

Yes. I love eggs. I just made an accidental and surprisingly healthy french toast by putting slightly runny scrambled eggs on a bagel round then going on a fit of tidiness and cleaning my kitchen. By the time I got to my breakfast, I had a borderline french toast situation that was a-mah-zing. If I talk about this anymore I will lose 99% of my readers (Mom, you’ll still read, right? You love eggs!), so, self – consider this an intervention. INTERVENED.

Does the phrase, “clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife” have new meaning?

Unfortunately. It’s the Billy Joel lyric that the sad-and-getting-sadder Lindsay Lohan tattoed on herself. She might as well have gotten, “I am begging you, please do not take me seriously” inked on her torso and called it a day. Or maybe, to keep things short and sweet, a simple “hot mess.” I’m going to stop talking about her, it’s just too pathetic.

Is writing BBT sometimes a pain?


What restaurants have you been to recently of which you are especially fond?

One Eared Stag in Inman Park. I went with BP to a swanky cocktail thing there a few weeks ago. Like: bar treats are not your standard bowls of nuts, but mason jars of cured bacon. Like: their Moscow Mules. Like: they had lard. I have a special fondness for all places that offer lard on their charcuterie plate. It’s got a very cool yet chill ambiance, and – AND – perhaps the best thing of all: it is directly across from the Marta station. I’m not sure which one, but how’s that for convenient!

Also, all things in the Westside Provisions District. I dined with Pants and Pal at Taqueria del Sol yesterday, then we continued our binge at Star Provisions. I want to live in Star Provisions. And I want to dress my non-existent child in things exclusively from B. Braithwaite. And myself in things from Anthro and Ann Mashburn. Christiane Celle, founder of Calypso clothing was in Atlanta recently on a scouting trip and she – the taste maker herself – declared the Westside to be a very “chic” neighborhood.

Remarkable: my crap Blackberry camera makes even Star Provisions look unappetizing. Also not helping: Sister and Allison’s mauling of the treats.

Molly, I think you’re very wise to suggest my B’berry to shoot our Bootlegz post. Molly is the founder of Bootlegz – you can read all about them here and BOLO for our upcoming post. This pleasantly fall-esque weather reminds us that fall is around the corner…! I.E., time to purchase an accessory that ensures our jeans stay put beneath our boots. More on that later.

Just to highlight the difference between my camera and, say, an iphone – enjoy this dramatic image I swiped from BP’s instagram images. My life is sad.

The skies are angry!

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To-go is the new go-to

Posted by AllieB on September 1, 2011

I am so excited for this weekend I can hardly stand it. 

Firstly, it’s already Thursday. This week has flown by.

Secondly, I got a ticket to the game and I’m sitting with people I genuinely like..! Don’t worry, I’ll pace myself and we’ll all have an awesome time.

Thirdly, it’s not 98 degrees.

I went to El Azteca last night. I knocked over so many glasses that the waiter offered to bring me my next beverage in a sippie cup :| It just wasn’t my night, so I wound up getting my food to go. To-go, Sista tells me, is the new go-to.

Check out my “Check these out” column to the right – I’ve added some new additions worthy of your attention, including Picks of the Week of which I am already a huge fan and is especially timely given the time of year it is. Read: football season! I also added a link to my astrology source. See, BBT appeals to the masses.

If you goog “Georgia Bulldogs hot girl” you are in for some surprises, and not all of them are good.

Clearly, I am anticipating not posting tomorrow, so consider this your weekend send-off…

xoxo, BBT

 I wonder if I alienated any of my readers…?

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He figure skates, and it is glorious

Posted by AllieB on August 31, 2011

If you don’t already know about this (and you live in Atlanta), then either your friends don’t like you very much or you live in a hole:

Reserve yours today! There are still plenty reservations left…hopefully it’s not just oatmeal. Betsy and MPvZB shared this with me Monday, and I’ve been meaning to post…my bad.

Speaking of fine dining, it’s Midtown Restaurant Week. My laziness has precluded me from sharing this, also, but…better late than never. It ends Sunday.

Pardon me while I climb up on my soapbox…there we are. Ok, music on websites. There is nothing more off-putting than opening up a web page  and being BLASTED by some techno bullcrap – particularly when in the office or library or just would rather not have a heart attack…PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE THIS. Aqua Bistro: GUILTY. 9 of out 10 hair salons: GUILTY. I remember one Friday morning back in the day when I rolled into work sufficiently under the weather, was browsing lunch options and happened upon a web page whose music was so loud and offensive that I vomited. True story. Except it’s not true, but it very easily could be. Just ask me first…is all that I ask.

I miss JBax :(

So, because I want a new car, new clothes, and window treatments, I’ve started babysitting more. Kids say the darndest things! Cut to: the other night:

I was babysitting these cute little blonde kids – Jackson, age 4, and Grace, 2. They are two little peas in a pod and seriously so adorable I wanted to just gobble them up. We watched Toy Story 2, took baths (they did, not me), read our favorite books (Spider Man comic books – questionable…how about Where the Wild Things Are or something), and even played paddy cake. Anyway, we were hunkering down for bed, when Grace announced she was missing Jessie. Jessie is her nighttime friend. Jackson and Grace are very self-sufficient and insisted upon finding Jessie themselves. I said sure, go ahead, and began my manhunt for the pantry while they searched. After not hearing anything from them for awhile, I called to Jackson, “how are things going?”

“Well, Miss Allie, they’re going great – but they’re not going super great.”

I die. And I never did find the pantry…either they don’t eat anything but refrigerated food or they have like a secret revolving book case – I swear I looked everywhere.

WordPress has just recently allowed me to change the color of my fonts. It’s a veritable RAINBOW of FUN!

Also, I was reading BBT on an iPad recently – it really doesn’t translate well to mobile devices, does it? Sorry. I’m right on top of that, Rose.

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Fashion & Football

Posted by AllieB on August 30, 2011

Sorry, I’ve been busy.

Last night, G-force and I decided to be good people and volunteer at the Jeffrey Fashion Cares event supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure—Greater Atlanta Affiliate and the Atlanta AIDS Fund. It was on the 32nd floor of the still-not-full office building on the corner of 12th and Peachtree next to the Loews hotel and had sweeping views of the city – stunning! Our first job was to people watch man the silent auction. I observed the following observations:

  • if you can’t zip your skirt up all the way, don’t wear it. Venture up a size or maybe just avoid white stretchy satin altogether
  • TRENDING: handbags with your children’s photo silk-screened onto them. Nope. Stop that now. Ok for birthday cakes – maybe – but find another way to bring up your offspring than literally wearing them.
  • having interpretive dancers randomly seizing dancing throughout a reception can be cool, but maybe mention that in the program. One guest nearly administered CPR on the male dancer whose three-piece suit was evidently not made of a breathable fabric…it seemed like he was about to have a heat stroke.
  • Jeffrey of Jeffrey is a fabulously charming, polite, friendly, and well-dressed human
  • people – women, namely – of a certain social set, could use some pointers about dressing their age…if you’re over 60, let’s leave the Herve Leger at home, shall we….

Our second job was getting payment from people who won things in the Live Auction. This, as I know from my tenure in non-profit events, is very important. People bid, win, then skirt out before you can get money from them and then you have to stalk them down and it’s awkward and uncomfortable. Solution: divebomb them the moment the auctioneer declares, “SOLD!” One of the items was a cruise by Azamara. Yes, please. The gentleman in the center was the winner. In order to get to him, I had to claw my way over the woman seated on his right. Oh, hi, Nene. Didn’t see you there – hope I didn’t stomp all over you as I attempted to my launch my clipboard into this gentleman’s lap. If you know me at all, you already know that I definitely stomped all over her as I attempted to launch my clipboard into the gentleman’s lap. Allie….no.

Source: The Buzz.

Because I knew someone on the inside (Lacy), my mom and I were able to take home a swag bag each….holla! One week at the Exhale Spa and Gym in the Loews Hotel, a facial at Derma-Luxe, a free bottle of Sinless Margarita mix, some Kerastase products, and $25 to Three Sheets in Sandy Springs. (I actually wound up with three of those Three Sheets things…? Oops. I guess we’ll go thrice.) I’m really excited about the Exhale one, in particular…Tina, are you allowed in there still?.

I kind of missed the boat on VMA commentary – in a nutshell: Lada Gaga is a freak; Beyonce and Jay-Z’s kid is already the luckiest kid in the world; Britney was waaaay underplayed; Kim Kardashian’s rear end deserves it’s own zip code/tax bracket.

Source: Go Fug Yourself

Last, and by far the most important thing I’ve said on BBT in ages: FOUR DAYS TIL FOOTBALL. I am very excited for The SCS Event on Saturday that I will be attending with 900 of my nearest and dearest. I’m really really excited about trying Melissa Fontaine’s Athens-based Hip Pops and, of course, getting my fix of carne asada from Tex’s Tacos (their schedule for the week).


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Nothing nefarious here

Posted by AllieB on August 25, 2011

If I was hooked up to some kind of heart monitor or similar right now, there’d be flat line – flat line -flat line – teeny tiny blip – flat line…and so on. I did BLAST 900, which I’ve always thought was something of a cult. Honestly, I think this about all exercise trends, from yoga to boot camp to core fusion to jump roping – it’s all a load of BS; if you want to get in shape, go for a run. Well, be that as it may, I’ve had a hard time getting my act together in this suffocating heat. I may as well put a sopping wet comforter in the dryer for 15 minutes, take it out, wrap it around my face, then go running – it’s the exact same thing.

Anyway, so Blast: it was hard. I feel pretty good now, but I’ve been done for over an hour. I think I blacked out – I remember lying on my mat after the last segment and then suddenly I was in my apartment gchatting. So…I guess I got home safely. If I can scrounge up the cash monay I’ll for sure go back – given my tendency towards laziness and a markedly short attention span, it’s definitely up my alley.

I wish I could say, “up my alley” without feeling like a pervert.

Candles are nice for both scent and ambiance and I have a new found obsession with having one going in every room of my house. It’s a fire hazard, mayhaps, but damn if my place doesn’t smell divine. I just got this Lucia candle from Scout for the Home, the store my BFF Nancy Duffey owns and my go-to for gifts, knick knacks, and just general hanging out when I wish to be surrounded by pretty things. I highly recommend:

It’s just lovely.

I got some other random kind of candle on clearance at Target earlier – sea salt or something…it is decidedly less lovely.

Blast 900…candles…sheesh, what have I become??

That’s better I’m terribly sorry….


I leave you with this new(ish) song from Florence + The Machine…LIKE:

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