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I’ve sat here for 10 minutes and cannot think of a title

Posted by AllieB on April 25, 2012

Like: the most recent ad by Google Chrome wherein a man uses all of Google’s nifty apps to win back the one who got away. Before you scoff at my lameness and scroll down to the next paragraph, PLEASE take a look. You know how rarely I do videos on BBT… I truly wish the best to Mark Potter. Re: needing sound – the music adds to the overall effect, but I guess it’s not 100% mandatory:

I take it back, you need sound.

Dislike*: I was very, very wrong about “Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apartment 23”. It was NOT good. Dawson Leary was pretty funny, but I think he only seemed funny in comparison to the heinosity (yes, heinosity) of the other storylines/characters. Skip. Deactivate the season record. Do not want.

*What a testament to my ever-present optimism: that a TV show is the only thing I dislike right now. Even I am inspired by my sunny outlook on life.

**Retract. Between that last line and this one I realized I very much dislike how I pale I am, that it is somehow only Wednesday, and that I am very dissatisfied with everything in my closet.

On Notice/That Is Whack: I am shocked – shocked – that I am still writing about this: that in the time I began questioning her pregnancy, I have changed jobs, quit writing BBT for 2 months, gone to the moon, and finally figured out what happened to Amelia Earhart (we’ll get to that in my next post)…..and yet, she is STILL pregnant. HOW?!? I’m not kidding, I actually need someone to answer this question. I’ve come to the conclusion that JSimps is not a human, but either a giraffe – giraffes carry their young for 15 months or an elephant – they carry their babies for 22 months.

I think this answers that.

Honestly, I don’t even enjoy making fun of her anymore – the material has gone stale…I’m guessing y’all are feeling similarly. I’m no doctor, but might it be time to induce this thing..?

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS TO LeBOOF and LEILA!!! Welcome to your late twenties.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. I mean that sincerely, without any irony.

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Low-Brow > High-Brow

Posted by AllieB on April 18, 2012

Three posts in a row?! I’m on fiyah.

My hobbies include writing BBT, going for yogs, driving around, and reading – I really like to read. My taste tends to air on the side of trashy with a side of smut, but what’re ya gonna do – it’s an escape. Sorry I’m not sorry I like best sellers and chick lit and my latest find…which needs a category all of its own. A few ideas that come to mind are “inappropriate” and “you should have to show ID to purchase this book.” The only reason I feel like it’s okay to bring it up on BBT, whose PG-13 rating I vigilantly maintain, is because they talked about it on the Today Show and a movie – a mainstream movie – is in the works. Meet & greet: The Fifty Shades Trilogy.

This is some steamy stuff. The whole premise is this young college graduate, Anastasia, and an older (27 year-old??) man, Christian, who is very rich but also very ‘damaged.’ So damaged, in fact, that the only kind of relationship he knows is one of Dominance/Submission. This is also known as BDSM, about which you will learn entirely too much in the first book. He is the Dominant and he seeks out Submissives who are skinny with brown hair because they look like his ‘crack whore mother.’ Already I feel like I’ve stepped outside of my BBT boundaries…Mom, you will not like this book. I’m about to start the third and final installment, and I’m very excited. Turns out there’s a whole plot that is getting pretty thrilling. Is the writing good? No…but it’s not unreadable. I found Twilight to be unreadable – the thing read like a movie script. Is it a guilty pleasure? Quite. Even for me and my admittedly low-brow tastes this goes a bit far. Do I recommend it? Yes…but only if you take it for what it is.

According to Amazon: Erotic, amusing, and deeply moving, the Fifty Shades Trilogy is a tale that will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever. Um, that might be going a bit far…I’m not a psycho, I just like the books. Whatever, go to here to purchase/find out more. Credit: Lucy. I just remembered that I have an old post entitled Bookshelf Porn after a website featuring photos of people’s personal libraries…well Fifty Shades of Grey might actually be bookshelf porn.

A new show comes on after Modern Family tonight: Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apartment 23. I think it looks funny for the following reasons: 1. James van der Beek is in it and he’s kind of playing himself…like still trying to flaunt his Dawson Leary days. We miss those days, too, Dawson. 2. Kristen Ritter is funny. She was one of the few highlights in 27 Dresses and I think her droll delivery is entertaining. 3. This is the description on IMDb: Centers on Chloe, a New York party girl with the morals of a pirate who bullies and causes trouble for her naive small town roommate June.

Sold. So, tune in, DVR, whatever…if you look at my track record, when I say it’s going to be good, it’s going to be good. I was right about Cougar Town, I was right about Happy Endings, I was right about Homeland, and I was right about Revenge. I’m 4 for 4 suckas.

There are many view points on quality vs quantity…as in, should I pump the brakes on writing something if I don’t have a whole lot to say? (I’m referencing this post, BTW.) I think I’m still in fragile territory with my readers, so I’m going quantity > quality. Take it or leave it. And I think I might need to reassess my taste in books and television, maybe class things up a bit….

Happy Hump Day!

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And the winner is…ME!

Posted by AllieB on December 7, 2011

I never win anything. I mean, I can win stuff competitively (have you met Game Time Allie? You may or may not want to – she’s something of a dealbreaker), but when it comes to winning things randomly, like raffles or lotteries or enter-here-to-win-xyz contests, my track record is like 0 – 1,249. Until yesterday! So, I read this blog: Elements of Style. It’s written by an interior designer based in Boston, and she puts up pretty pictures of “rustic” Maine Bed & Breakfasts and cool restaurants in Boston, and sometimes I just kind of want her life. Anyway, she was giving away a $75 gift card to this stationary store, Felix Doolittle, all you had to do was write in what item you liked best from their online store. I forget what I wrote exactly, but I DO know what I wrote about “catching up with my correspondence” a la Rachel on Friends in the One Where No One Is Ready…irrespective of my words, I was chosen as the winner out of 425 comments, and now what do I buy!? Personalized stationary? An “Allie Baxter” seal? Calling cards? Ha, what if I walked around handing out calling cards…I don’t think even Buckhead could handle that. Mom, maybe there’s something you’d like? And surely it’d be a travesty if I didn’t get these personalized magnetizers…

Speaking of interior design/pretty things, there is a Block and Brayer/Allison Harper Interior Design Trunk Show tonight, and I highly recommend going to check out their wares – there’s even a live demonstration with artist Hollis McFadden. I went to their last show, and I was very impressed and wanted all of the pillows shown in the pic below as well as window treatments and maybe even a shower curtain. BBT says: go!

Tonight, Miami Circle: be there.

I just heard my favorite meteorologist since Flip Spiceland, Chesley McNeil, mention that there will potentially be snow flurries in the Metro Atlanta area this afternoon/evening. This reminds me: time to TURN ON MY HEAT. My lone ranger space heater that I have blasting in my office right now really is not going to cut it…getting out bed in the AM is borderline impossible…it’s time. I didn’t turn it on last year, but last year I lived in a unit that is like 1/3 the size of my current one…so, note to self.

Bragging about winning that contest just reminded me I never did choose a winner for my own contest. I think I want to do it a different way – maybe you should have to do something like comment or share the link to win. This is all about generating readers, people, not just gratuitous gifts. I’ll get back to you.

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Get up offa that thang

Posted by AllieB on June 15, 2011

Tis a very good feeling to surmount the hump that is Wednesday.

Pippa’s single!!! Incidentally, Harry and Chelsey are in the latter part of their constantly on-again-off-again relationship, so mayhaps the rumors of the sparks that flew between them at the wedding could come to fruition…that’d be really weird. Their children would all be identical. My head kind of hurts even thinking about that – it’s not incest, is it? It almost seems like it’d be wrong. Whatever. I said this a couple of weeks ago, but I’m still marvelling at the length of her torso; it is, like, really really long. This pic is from a 5k she ran recently – her time was 25 minutes 30 seconds. My 5k PR is 20 minutes 17 seconds…BOOM. I may or may not have been 14 at the time.

I enjoyed a delicious and free lunch at The Ivy today because I am a Black Card Member aka a V.I.P. I got a pizza. Their pizza is awesome, as is the new pimento cheese sampler/salad, the Club sandwich, and they just added a bunch of salads and stuff, too. You should try it out – if you go there enough, you might even be considered for Black Card Membership……

While I’m distributing accolades about town, I should mention CamiCakes. (Katie – there’s also one in Jax!) I got Jordan a bday cupcake yesterday – I went with the “Classic Cami” which is vanilla cake with a truly awesome strawberry icing – and it was delish. There was a minor snafu when the gentleman ran my card for $2,700 instead of $2.70, but I told him Wells Fargo would deny that charge like Dikembe would a dunk and not to worry about it. We had a good laugh over the Dikembe comparison – he even did the finger shake at me. Good times!

I finally made a new mix cd. I’ve been listening to Girl Talk since before their concert in January and it’s getting kind of manic. I have no idea what’s on my new mix because I cannot get past the first two songs, which are “Chances Are” (that guy is hottt!) and “A Little Bit Stronger” from the Country Strong soundtrack. I’m not one for country or for singing along, but I have been belting out these tunes nonstop. This may surprise people, but I do not have a particularly melodious singing voice…less canary, more adolescent boy with bad allergies. I highly recommend both, but you can skip the movie, IMO.

That’s all for today; I’m going to get my fitness on. Thanks,, for this motivating photo gallery – here’s a nice little preview for you, boys and girls:













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